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    Base on the delightful children’s book OL” MAMA SQUIRREL by David Ezra Stein….Ol’ Mama Squirrel prayer meetings are springing up all over Wayne County NY and into the surrounding areas.
    The heart of these prayer meetings is to bring prayer into every community we can…in the name of Jesus…specifically for the kids of THAT community!
    Using God-given strategies and tactics, mama squirrels from all denominations, backgrounds, races, communities and occupations meet to pray for… not only their kids… but the kids of that town!
    We believe God loves to hear us call upon His name as we intercede for the youth of our nation!  Rise up oh mama!  God is on your side.  And He has everything you need to fulfill your high and holy calling of mothering those babies He has placed in your care!
    See the contact page for an email to reach us if you have a question or want to know how to bring an Ol’ Mama Squirrel meeting to your town!

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2 Comments to Ol’ Mama Squirrel…prayer meetings for our kids.

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