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    in_jesus_arms For we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus [the leaning of your entire human personality on Him in absolute trust and confidence in His power, His wisdom, and His goodness]..Colossians 1:4

    I have a daughter who suffers greatly…every single day.  Without exception.

    She is brave in the face of this constant suffering.  Very brave.  And courageous.  But its long and its hard and its scary.

    When a mama stands by and watches her child suffer, she feels so helpless.  Cause everything in that mama wants to fix it…and heal it…and take it all away…somehow.

    So what’s a mama to do when boo-boos turn into tumors…and scrapes turn into seizures?  And kisses and band-aids don’t take the pain away anymore?

    Well, she works through her own suffering, inflamed by helplessness…when hopelessness sets in.

    Then she turns and she leans…and she leans hard…on HIM.

    And as she leans, she trusts…not in part of HIM but the whole, because part won’t be enough to hold her up…not this time.

    She trusts in HIS power.  HIS power to heal.  She knows with one glance HE could heal her daughter.
    Yes, HE could.

    She trusts in HIS goodness.  HIS goodness that HE hears the middle-of-the-night prayers of this tired, worn-out mama.  In HIS goodness…HE does hear.

    She trusts in HIS wisdom.  HIS wisdom that has withheld the healing…at least for now…because Wisdom sees further…and Wisdom runs deeper…and Wisdom knows better…than she ever could.

    And by the grace of GOD, she doesn’t get stuck, wanting only HIS power…or loving only HIS goodness…but embracing also HIS wisdom

    And she leans hard into all three.

    She leans hard.


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