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            Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in         Christ Jesus……Thessalonians 5:17

    I tend to marvel at the simple things.

    The beauty of a family 4-square game in the middle of my country road.

    The glow of my dusk to dawn light, that captures the falling snow and makes it glimmer, at
    2 AM.

    The grand-girl that cuddles on my lap, resting her head against mine, while reading a bedtime story.

    Simple.  Precious.  Marvelous treasures.  Things I love and live for.

    Yet the biggest marvel of them all is when I look into the WORD of GOD…and find the truths tucked inside…. that GOD designed for me to find…and wonder at the simplicity of the GOSPEL…and the uncomplicated steps of obedience.  I absolutely marvel.

    I wonder at the man with the withered hand…and marvel that JESUS told that man “Hold out your hand.” to receive his healing.  Simple obedience.

    I ponder the blind fellow whom JESUS told “Wash your eyes in the pool.” to receive his healing.  Easy obedience.

    I smile at Commander Naaman, the leper, as he was told to “Dip in the dirty river of Jordan 7xs.”  to receive his healing.  Everyday obedience.

    I read each day about real life people…doing real life things…in their real life towns…in their real life times.  Simply.

    “Walk around Jericho 7 times.”
    “Break those clay pots.”
    “Hold up your rod.”
    “Tie this scarlet thread to your window.”
    “Come upon them from the back of the mountain.”
    “Put your nets down on this side of your boat.”

    Do-able obedience.

    Acting on the WORD of GOD… when it comes to us… is what will give us our everyday breakthrough.

    If the man with the withered hand refused to reach out his hand.  His hand would have remained withered.

    If the blind fellow declined to rinse his eyes.  He would have never seen.

    Naaman almost stayed a leper after becoming angry that such a simple request was made of him…just dump in the Jordan?  Way too easy.

    Now my life isn’t being recorded in the pages of the BIBLE.  But it is on display for all to see.  And I am keenly aware that I have daily choices to make.  Choices that will show me obedient or disobedient to the reveled will of GOD.  Choices that may determine my future and will forge a path for others to follow.

    So even on a bad day.  A flu day.  An I-cant-take-this anymore day.  A my-baby-is-sick-and-I-cant-change-it day.  A how-am-I-gonna-pay-that-bill day.  An I’m-sinking day.  I have a choice to make to honor GOD and respond to HIS WORDs to  me.

    Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in         Christ Jesus……

    The marvel of it all….the simplest of things…written in the WORD…for me to do today…in my here and now…in my time and space…in my situations…

    GOD made sure HE gave me something I could do…something that would seal me in HIS will today.


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