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    “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”
    Luke 2:19

    I ponder a lot of things in my heart.  A lot. Usually, mostly worried thoughts and anxious attitudes.  Usually.

    I believe us girls have a way of carrying our concerns close to our hearts especially when it comes to our kiddos. I think we are wired like that. We carried those babies in our bodies for nine months, but we will carry those kids in our hearts forever.

    Like every mama, Mary carried her baby in her body for the duration of the pregnancy and then carried her Son, in her heart.  But beautiful Mary, the mama of Jesus, did a cool thing.  A real cool thing.  A thing I often forget to do. It’s something I want to learn to do better and more often. Mama Mary was mindful to gather the amazing, wonderful about her kid.  She took the time to collect the mysteries and possibilities about her kid.  Mary purposefully would grab hold of and pull together all the excellent potential about her kid.  And she would hide those things in her heart like a stockpile of hidden treasure. Then this Mary would pull that cherished accumulation of good stuff out frequently, and she would look it over and over. She would meditate on it.

    There were words spoken over Jesus’ life when He was a baby. These prophetic words were spoken directly into Mary’s ears. These were the words God knew she was going to have to remember as she mothered His child.  Mary was going to have to remember. Mary needed to hide those words away for later, for another time, another day when life would get hard.

    Now, I’m a mama of many children.  And none of them are Jesus.  Yet, I am determined to follow the example of Mary in mothering my babies.  I am intent on remembering the good stuff, the fun stuff, the creative stuff, the wonder stuff, and the mark of potential of every one of my nine kids.

    I am more resolved than ever to pull out of my treasure box of memories the promises of scripture and the words from the LORD, spoken over my kid’s lives, directly into my ears.  I intend on pondering and musing over and meditating on the hidden treasure of my heart until it becomes the thoughts at the forefront of my mind. Just like Mary did.

    This year I’m going on a search for buried-under-worried treasure.  I am intentionally looking for some lost gold. I am going to dig through the treasures hidden in my heart till I see the glimmer and shine of bright jewels. And when I find it I’m going to meditate on it a lot. A lot. A lot. Just like Mary.

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