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    yckKaApdiparent1I’m a mama with a lot of kids.  Having a lot of kids comes with a lot of responsibility.  (To whom much is given much is required)

    Being a single mama of lots of kids means i play solo…all day…everyday…yep.

    On the flip side… being a kid of this single mama comes with great responsibility also.  Works both ways i guess.  Family ties are a 2-way stream.

    For instant…. i have trained my kids to fill in in the blanks for me…so whenever i speak to them and tell them to “put the bread in the dryer”…my kids know they are to de-code what i’ve  said and make it make sense…no questions asked…that is their responsibility.

    For instant…when my offspring sees me standing in the middle of the living room, eyes glazed over, staring straight ahead, muttering repeatedly  “mom is over-stimulated”….they are keenly aware this is NOT the time to ask when we are leaving for the ball game, where their IPOD charger is, or if we can get a family membership to the gym….that is their responsibility.

    For instant…when my lovely youth hear me say “i am going to the car”…and they see me “grab my BIBLE”…they instinctively know they should not stand in my path to the door.  They sweetly smile and wave “see ya”…and let me sink into the refuge of my parked car, in my driveway, on my country lane…for as long as i need…to be alone with JESUS…that’s their responsibility.

    Being a single mama is never easy.

    Being a kid of a single mama ain’t either.

    Being together in this thing called life…and each doing our learned responsibility…well now, that’s the ticket!





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