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    Back in the garden days … Adam and Eve walked in unhindered fellowship with GOD, their CREATOR…..until…..the fall.

    When sin entered …fellowship between GOD and man was broken…physical and spiritual death occurred as a consequence.

    And the all the authority that Adam had, as GODs child, was handed over to the enemy, the devil…the prince of this world…

    Adam was then forced to forage through this temporal life…relying not on HIS intimate relationship with the LORD, not being led by the HOLY SPIRIT but relying on his own 5  senses….what he saw, what he smelled, what he heard, what he tasted, and what he felt (emotions).

    Adam navigated through this life…depending on his own instincts… his own abilities …and his own assessments.

    Adams life… marks the life apart from GOD…because of the sin-separation.

    We would all be living that Adam life today, were it not for the LORD JESUS CHRIST….WHO came to become sin for us, pay the penalty for that sin, and restore us to right relationship with our CREATOR….through HIS death on the CROSS.

    And glory, hallelujah, HEAVEN becomes our eternal home. The price has been paid, relationship restored..and we walk with the LORD again…in that sweet garden of fellowship.

    And glory, hallelujah, we now walk through this life being led of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD, in union with our KING…..no longer pressing forward limited to our own 5 senses…what we see, what we smell, what we hear, what we taste and what we feel (emotions)….but we live the KINGDOM life and adhere to BIBLE WORDS like these:


    What a marvelous, glorious thing….living with eternity in view…by the power of HIS SPIRIT!….because of the BLOOD of the LAMB!

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    the-body-of-christWe have all seen and admired the body of another… in pureness of heart and eye…we notice how strong, or fit, or trim, or athletic a persons structure is…and we admire it.

    Well, during these last few days of being confined to bed… i have been admiring a body also…
    the body of CHRIST.

    There’s this neat little channel called YouTube, that allows me to stream in, from all over the world Christian teachings, sermons, testimonies and prayers.  I can even listen to dead folks preaching!

    This has been a highlight of my concussioned state.  Admittedly, i have slept through some of it…the sermons humming in the background as i doze on and off.  But i always seem to wake up at a good point that reels my interest back in.

    Thinking over the many, many You Tube videos i’ve viewed over the last many, many hours…or i should saw listened to, as viewing blows my concussioned mind even further…i am amazed.
    Amazed at the wonderful, beautiful,strong, healthy body of CHRIST.

    Here i have found brothers and sisters from across the globe preaching the NAME of my SAVIOR.
    These saints i’ve viewed… have been from many nations, denominations, cultures, generations and backgrounds.
    They run in different shapes and sizes.  Vary in color and skin tone.  Speak assorted languages as their primary tongue.
    They are as diverse and individual in their presentation of the WORD, as their GOD was when HE created them.

    And when you put them all together they form one wonderfully glorious body…of whom CHRIST is the head.

    Now, by no means did i agree with everything i heard….or maybe i just did not understand…could be i lacked the knowledge..or simply wasn’t ready for the revelation yet….i don’t know.

    What i do know is i would not allow the enemy to take up space in my bruised brain and cause more trauma.  Hey, i’m supposed to be resting here!     I followed the LORD’s command in
    1 Thessalonians 5:21-22…..
    But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil.

    So i held fast in my hands… that which i knew was true and right and holy and i let the rest slip between my fingers… and fall at the foot of the CROSS… where the BLOOD of JESUS saturates the ground.
    Where the life of CHRIST was poured out…
    where the body of CHRIST was broken..
    where salvation lived and died for each one of us.

    And in the shadow of that CROSS…
    under the flow of life giving BLOOD….
    i joined in the dance of the redeemed…
    with hands lifted high, free from controversy and division

    and celebrated the great big, beautiful, wonderful…body of CHRIST!

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    depositphotos_39300119-Woman-speaking-into-a-microphoneTaking a short car trip with one of my big boys, I settle back into the seat and reached a hand into my purse rummaging around for a pen…

    “Dang freakin’ rabbit kids…holy freakin’ cow dog, where’s my pen?”…I spoke without looking up.

    “Mom,” sighs Josiah, “There is no one in this car but me and you.  No one took your pen.”

    “I’m not so sure about that son…first there is probably someone hiding in here somewhere.  An secondly, I know I had a pen in this purse.  Dang freakin’ rabbit kids!”..Ii re-state.

    “Mom, you can’t always blame everything on your kids”

    “Really?  Well, I beg to differ.  There are way more of you than there is of me…so by simple statistics…chances are it was one of you.”

    “Okay….you do realize, mother, that you use animal names and throw dang and freakin’ in front of them to place blame on all of your kids, right?”

    “Yes,” I quipped, “I am aware of that.”

    “And you do realize you blame your kids for pretty much everything, right?”

    “Pretty much everything might be an overstatement Josiah…usually you guys are the ones to lose my things.”

    “Not just lose your things mom….everything!”

    “Alright, like what?”..I say.

    “Okay,” he takes a breath and begins……
    “When you stub your toe….Dang, freakin’ rabbit kids, holy freakin’ cow dog.”
    “When the coffee pot boils over…Dang, freakin’ rabbit kids, holy freakin’ cow dog.”
    “When the phone rings and you don’t wanna talk…Dang, freakin’ rabbit kids, holy freakin’ cow dog.”
    “When the mails late….Dang, freakin’ rabbit kids, holy freakin’ cow dog.”

    “Okay, okay, okay…you got me there.”

    Silent moment.

    “Josiah, can I confide in you?  Wait, how old are you now?”

    “I’m 19, mom.”

    “Okay, yes then…can I confide in you?”

    “Sure, mom.”

    “I have this fear Josiah…this fear that I’m gonna be standing on stage preaching to a couple of hundred women…andIi bend over a little…and my glasses fall off of my head…and without realizing it…I stammer into the microphone…’Dang, freakin’ rabbit kids, holy freakin’ cow dog!’ “….

    “That’s a reasonable fear,” He answers….”AND     IT    WOULD    SERVE    YOU    RIGHT.”…He says slow and enunciated.

    I sigh a big sigh and slump further into my seat.   I glance out the window.  And sigh another sigh to be sure he heard me.

    “I guess I’m just a horrible mom.”…i say in a dreamy sing-songy voice.

    Then to prove that I’m thinking about it i press my finger to my mouth.  That’s when i realize how chapped those lips are…and I reach into my purse with one hand………

    “Dang freakin’ rabbit kids, holy freakin’ cow dog…where’s my chapstick!”

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    slip-on-ice-300x200It has been exactly one week, 7 days since I slipped on a patch of ice and smacked the back of my head on the concrete sidewalk…no warning, no bracing, no cushioning…smack.

    My youngest boy towered over me and looked down.

    The fall was so sudden we both shockingly looked into one another’s eyes for a moment…processing what just happened…then we spoke simultaneously, aloud to each other, the same short sentence…
    “That wasn’t good.”

    The concussion symptoms grew steadily worse over the next few days…leaving me on day 7 with a constant headache, nausea, extreme dizziness, fatigue, and crying jags.   I cannot even walk to the potty without help.

    I am writing this blog in several shorts spurts as my brain cannot handle even the smallest stimulation.

    Spurt 1……GOD is faithful  HE loves me and  HE cares for me and HE cares about me.  HE watches over my life.  HE sees and HE hears and HE knows.

    Spurt 2…..GOD is good to me.  HE never stopped being good.  And through all the disappointment and pain this concussion has caused.  Through all the “this is putting me WAY behind in life” thoughts…I am keenly aware that it could be worse.  Always could be worse.

    Spurt 3…..I realize that any life trauma, concussion, or other….any shaking of our bodies..any tearing of our safety nets,  any rupturing of our plans, or even breaks in our relationships….causes us, frail humans, trauma, and pain.    And that trauma and pain lead to an opening in our lives….a break in our wall…a breach in our beings….that leaves us vulnerable, weak, and susceptible to attacks from our enemies.

    Spurt 4….I also know that this same trauma,  exact pain, and real suffering… is… at the same time, an opening for the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD to move in and invade every single part of that brokenness…to infuse every moment of that suffering…and set up HIS camp on every inch of that pain.

    Spurt 5….So on day 7 of my suffering, I’m gonna write me some words, that I can go back and read on day 10,11, or 12…(if that’s the way this is gonna unfold)….so I can remind my feeble self that it’s not so much about the trauma…but it is more about who I let invade my trauma…who I allow to seep into those broken places….and who I surrender my walls to.

    Spurted out…………….

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    But Peter said to HIM, “Even though all may fall away because of YOU, I will never fall away.”   JESUS said to him, “Truly I say to you that this very night, before a rooster crows, you will deny Me three times.” Peter said to HIM, “Even if I have to die with YOU, I will not deny YOU.”  Matthew 26:33-35

    In the book of John we find the disciple Peter denying his beloved LORD 3xs…..just as JESUS predicted he would.  Though Simon Peter didn’t understand JESUS words at the time…surely he did when the “cock crowed.”………..

    John 18:17…”I am not HIS disciple.”
    John 18:25…”I am not HIS disciple.”
    John 18:26…”I was not with HIM.”

    I can only imagine the pain and grief and sorrow and the anguish that rushed through Peter as he heard the crowing of the cock….

    But praise GOD Peter’s story doesn’t end there…..praise GOD for the resurrection!  Because it was the resurrected CHRIST that brought another word to his disciple Simon Peter…and that word  brought restoration!

    JESUS has risen from the dead….and now HE finds HIS disciples out on the sea, back to their old occupation…fishing.   JESUS, from the shore, tells HIS boys where to find the fish…and then sets about making them breakfast as they reel in their huge catch…after a satisfying breakfast JESUS turns to Peter.

    John 21:15…”Simon, do you love me?”
    “JESUS, YOU know that i love YOU.”
    Then..” Tend my lambs.”

    John 21:16…”Simon, do you love me?”
    “JESUS, YOU know that i love YOU.”
    Then…”Shepard MY sheep.”

    John 21:17…”Simon, do you love me?”
    “JESUS, YOU know i love YOU.”
    Then…”Tend my sheep.”

    Peter 3xs denied his LORD.

    JESUS 3xs affirmed Peter’s love for HIM…

    JESUS 3xs restored Peter to fellowship…

    JESUS 3xs commanded Peter to productive ministry…

    Our resurrected CHRIST……..GOD of restoration……over and over and over again!

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    appleI love this quote from Hannah Whitall Smith…”The apple in June is the perfect apple for June; it is the best apple that June can produce; but it is very different from the apple in October, which is a perfect apple. GOD’s works are perfect in every stage of the apples’ growth.”

    Now let’s think about this.

    When  GOD looks at that apple in June.  That apple that’s hanging on the tree….that’s still growing and changing and not yet perfected…not yet complete..or fully ripe..not yet mature…what do you think HE sees?  Do you think He sees…not quite…not good enough…too immature…way imperfect…lacking and incomplete…is that what HE sees?

    NO!  You know better than that.  This is HIS creation…HIS plan…HIS planting…HIS design…His season.   HE looks at that apple in JUNE and HE says “Perfect!  Just where you’re supposed to be.  Just what you’re supposed to be doing.   Just what you’re supposed to be looking like.   Just how you’re supposed to be maturing.   You are right on MY timeline…and you are so beautiful!”

    Sometimes we ladies expect ourselves to be way over here…when in reality we are plopped right where we are.  We hang on the tree of life an apple in JUNE, cause that is the season of growth we are in, and we see ourselves as so lacking, so incomplete, so imperfect that we damage ourselves from the inside out…causing discontentment and unnecessary heartache.

    Whatever season of growth you are in today ladies…stop and ponder Hannah’s above quote.  And remember…GOD’s works are perfect in every stage of your growth.  You are right on HIS timeline…and you are so beautiful.

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    screening-red-clipboardI’m a list maker.  I love lists.
    I have a list for every single day of the year…on a clipboard, fondly named “My Brain”….

    “My Brain” holds all my lists for the day…with my hand-written notes scribbled beside them.

    “My Brain” tells me what I’m supposed to be doing.
    Where I’m supposed to be going.
    And what’s up with my kids on any given day.

    The one thing I love more than organizing my day on “My Brain”… is crossing off completed tasks.
    I have even been known to go as far as going back and writing a task I’ve already completed on “My Brain”…just so i can cross it off!  Yeah.

    So when I came across a list (so to speak) in the SCRIPTURE I sat up and took note.

    This cool little help from the pages of Philippians works hard to help me remember just what it is I am supposed to be thinking on every day.

    It’s a convenient, quick checklist that helps me reel in the thoughts that wanna run loose and untamed throughout my mind.

    These precious verses can stand front and center against the unending chatter in my head.  Helping me to decide which thoughts to give way to and which ones need to be siphoned out.

    Reading these verses daily gives me a fighting chance in the unending battle for my mind’s space.

    Finally, brethren……
    whatever is true,
    whatever is honorable, 
    whatever is right,
    whatever is pure, 
    whatever is lovely, 
    whatever is of good repute, 
    if there is any excellence,
    anything worthy of praise,
    dwell on these things….Philippians 4:8

    I’m a list maker.  I love lists.