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    But Peter said to HIM, “Even though all may fall away because of YOU, I will never fall away.”   JESUS said to him, “Truly I say to you that this very night, before a rooster crows, you will deny Me three times.” Peter said to HIM, “Even if I have to die with YOU, I will not deny YOU.”  Matthew 26:33-35

    In the book of John we find the disciple Peter denying his beloved LORD 3xs…..just as JESUS predicted he would.  Though Simon Peter didn’t understand JESUS words at the time…surely he did when the “cock crowed.”………..

    John 18:17…”I am not HIS disciple.”
    John 18:25…”I am not HIS disciple.”
    John 18:26…”I was not with HIM.”

    I can only imagine the pain and grief and sorrow and the anguish that rushed through Peter as he heard the crowing of the cock….

    But praise GOD Peter’s story doesn’t end there…..praise GOD for the resurrection!  Because it was the resurrected CHRIST that brought another word to his disciple Simon Peter…and that word  brought restoration!

    JESUS has risen from the dead….and now HE finds HIS disciples out on the sea, back to their old occupation…fishing.   JESUS, from the shore, tells HIS boys where to find the fish…and then sets about making them breakfast as they reel in their huge catch…after a satisfying breakfast JESUS turns to Peter.

    John 21:15…”Simon, do you love me?”
    “JESUS, YOU know that i love YOU.”
    Then..” Tend my lambs.”

    John 21:16…”Simon, do you love me?”
    “JESUS, YOU know that i love YOU.”
    Then…”Shepard MY sheep.”

    John 21:17…”Simon, do you love me?”
    “JESUS, YOU know i love YOU.”
    Then…”Tend my sheep.”

    Peter 3xs denied his LORD.

    JESUS 3xs affirmed Peter’s love for HIM…

    JESUS 3xs restored Peter to fellowship…

    JESUS 3xs commanded Peter to productive ministry…

    Our resurrected CHRIST……..GOD of restoration……over and over and over again!

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