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    screening-red-clipboardI’m a list maker.  I love lists.
    I have a list for every single day of the year…on a clip board, fondly named “My Brain”….

    “My Brain” holds all my lists for the day…with my hand-written notes scribbled besides them.

    “My Brain tells me what I’m supposed to be doing.
    Where I’m supposed to be going.
    And what’s up with my kids on any given day.

    The one thing i love more than organizing my day on “My Brain”… is crossing off completed tasks.
    I have even been known to go as far as going back and writing a task i’ve already completed on “My Brain”…just so i can cross it off!  Yeah.

    So when i came acrossed a list (so to speak) in the SCRIPTURE i sat up and took note.

    This cool little help from the pages of Philippians works hard to help me remember just what it is i am supposed to be thinking on everyday.

    It’s a convenient, quick check list that helps me reel in the thoughts that wanna run loose and untamed throughout  my mind.

    These precious verses can stand front and center against the unending chatter in my head.  Helping me to decide which thoughts to give way to and which ones need to be siphoned out.

    Reading these verses daily gives me a fighting chance in the unending battle for my mind’s space.

    Finally, brethren……
    whatever is true,
    whatever is honorable, 
    whatever is right,
    whatever is pure, 
    whatever is lovely, 
    whatever is of good repute, 
    if there is any excellence,
    anything worthy of praise,
    dwell on these things….Philippians 4:8

    I’m a list maker.  I love lists.

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