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    treasure chestI love it when my LORD shows up with a “Do you remember?”…there is a sweetness of fellowship in those words.  Those words ring of time developed in relationship.  As a husband would turn to his bride of many years and quip, “Do you remember?”…and trail off into some memory of their lives together…my LORD turns to me.  I relish in those moments.

    This morning… (after my big night of fight to the finish)…i was strolling slowly to my barn, holding my hands out on each of my sides to aid in balance…JESUS showed up with a “Do you remember?”

    “Do you remember when Hannah was so sick?”

    Now Hannah, my oldest daughter was “so sick” a lot growing up…but my mind went immediately to a picture of my 12 year old Hannah curled up on the end of our playroom couch.  Hannah sat sick, very sick and struggling to breathe.  Eyes glossy and face pale. The LORD obviously was talking to me today about this particular “sick” time.

    “Yes, LORD, i remember.”

    The picture played like a reel in my mind’s eye…recalling the story:  I had walked into the playroom, with heavy heart, something every mama feels when her child is suffering and she can’t take it away.  I sighed just a bit  from pain and frustration as i assessed my babies situation.  It still wasn’t good.  Even multiple doctor trips hadn’t helped.  I cuddled next to my girl and wrapped myself around her tightening body.

    “Hannah, i’m gonna pray for you again. And i know for certain that the LORD could take this sickness away from you instantly.  This is no problem for HIM. But i want you to know something, Hannah…if HE doesn’t…if HE doesn’t heal you right now…it’s because HE has something better for you…something we may not understand yet…and i know this… because HE always gives us HIS best. When we ask…He gives us HIS best every-time.”

    She nodded her tired little face in agreement as i laid my hand on her head and prayed again to the GOD of Heaven to heal my baby…a short… little… tiny …little…non-impressive…little…heartfelt prayer.

    I looked at my girl as she took a breathe…a real, deep, unobstructed breathe.  I watched as her eyes changed from dull to life…i smiled as i felt her body relaxed in my arms…she was healed.  Completely. And it never came back.

    A grin lite my face this morning, as i turned back to the LORD with our memory.  “That’s a good one LORD, I like that memory.”   I was a little surprised to be met with silence.  HIS silence, however,  only meant that that memory was a deposit from HIM…to me…this morning…for me to invest in…to ponder, to think about, to relearn from.

    Years ago i had learned this lesson…but the LORD knew today it was worth digging out of our treasure chest of memories.  HE sovereignly knew that holding this memory jewel up in front of me again would lead me to reflect and admire…and to meditate on the beauty of HIS Wisdom, HIS Goodness, and HIS Power.

    The same GOD who honored my prayers many afternoons ago…is the same GOD who hears my prayers today.  The same GOD who put life and breathe back into my daughters body… is the same GOD who has chosen not to heal me… but has clearly told me to rest these next 3 months.

    And this is the GOD whose loving character reflects in every precious gem memory we share together. Hidden away in my treasure chest of learning….tremendous bounties of gold, silver, diamonds and rubies locked away for our secret pleasures.  And on the top of our buried-in-my-heart treasure chest …there is beautifully inscribed… with the holiest of words…He Always Gives Me His Best……

    ……………………………………………………HE ALWAYS GIVES ME HIS BEST…………………………………………………………

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    pathThree months into my Post Concussion journey…i stopped on this path for an MRI.   MRI’s aren’t my favorite adventure stops anyways…but, now, with pretty severe concussion symptoms bashing through my brain…it’s even less fun.  When i do stop on this concussion path…i’d like it to at least be kinda enjoyable. Yet, add up the car ride to this day trip… plus the noise and shaking of the MRI…then the car ride back home…well, that sums up to more than i care to handle.  But, i had added and subtracted and multiplied and divided long before i set out on this leg of my journey…trying to figure the cheapest way to pay the price for a half day out of my home.  I counted the cost.  It was a rather large tab.  and i ain’t leaving a tip.

    Laying still in the MRI…wash cloth covering my eyelids so i could trick myself into believing  “i am not in a tightly confined space”…i listen to the whir…the hum…then the klonk, klonk, click of the machine taking pictures of my dizzy brain.  I breathe a little sigh..and rest.  “Well, here i am LORD…here. i. am.”

    Then in my minds eye, while i relaxed in that monstrous machine…i envisioned a path…a path with me on it…now that path didn’t appear so horribly bad….but it obviously wasn’t the path i had chosen to be on…i knew that because i kept looking to the right side…off the path…and saying out loud, “Are YOU sure LORD? This is the right path? Are YOU sure?  Cause this path seems like a stinking waste of time to me.” My face was crunched into a quizzical expression as i continued to point to the path and ask, “LORD, this path?  Are YOU sure?”  And i would step tiptoe on the path in front of me…kinda light like…seeing if this senseless path was gonna hold my weight.

    I did this for awhile and when no voice from Heaven came…i continued, “LORD, YOU could step in front of me on this path anytime YOU wanted to.  YOU could interrupt me as i’m walking this lane and lay YOUR hand on my head and heal me.  YOU could grab my hand and lead me off this path at any moment…anyplace along  this way…and we could walk off this path together in full health…YOU could do that LORD.”  Still nothing.  No GOD talk.  Just me looking off the path, up to the Heavens, with that inquiring wanna-know look.

    Then we hit it.  The nail on the head.  GOD wasn’t talking cause i already knew what HE would say.  I’ve been here before, i imagine i’ll be here again.  HE was waiting for full surrender on this particular path of mine.  And i realized what HE was getting at.
    HIS silence conveyed more to me than 1,000 words.
    HIS silence meant HE knew it was hard…
    and HE knew i was breaking…
    and HE hadn’t changed HIS mind.
    This was the path…at least for now…and only HE has the wisdom to know how long i would be walking it.

    It’s a very UN-favorite prayer of mine. That “THY will be done prayer.”  It goes against everything naturally in me to say THOSE words.  THOSE words that i avoided for many years…cause i didn’t mean it…not really…not truly…not wholly.

    THOSE were the very words that my JESUS uttered as HE struggled in the garden…taking a stop on HIS path…to Calvary. Sweating blood and talking to HIS FATHER about the last leg of the journey HE was meant to take.
    I imagine JESUS looked at HIS FATHER in Heaven…off HIS path to the right…and inquiring of HIM…”This is the right path FATHER, right?  Remind ME,  I’M on the right path.”

    That “THY will be done prayer.”  It’s a biggie.  And i’m about 3 large steps on my path away from it.  Yeah, just about 3 yards away from laying it all down, deciding i really don’t know best, bowing before Heaven’s throne and declaring…”LORD, i trust in YOUR wisdom…in YOUR goodness…and in YOUR power…………
    THY WILL BE DONE  on this earth  (pointing to my human body) as it is in Heaven.”

    So that’s where i’m at along my life’s journey.  Dizzy and tired and sorta kinda grouchy.  Inching forward towards the last few feet of surrender.  Sometimes sitting down on the side of the path to cry it out. Sometimes standing on that path with hands lifted towards Heaven.  Sometimes scuffing my feet. Sometimes picking up my gait.

    And i wonder out loud to the LORD, as i crunch up my nose and look off my path to the right…just how long it will take me to reach the finish line marked THY WILL BE DONE this time?

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    I write blogs cause its fun.  I enjoy sharing my good, bad and ugly with a reading world.  I don’t know… maybe it therapeutic.  I especially like being able to advance the Kingdom of GOD through preaching the WORD on paper.  That’s a new twist for me.  Using technology to spread around the GOSPEL and share lessons from the BIBLE.  Maybe, in part, that’s what JESUS meant when HE said, And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come.”  (Matthew 24:14)Maybe JESUS knew we would have access to the whole world at our fingertips in these last days…via the invention of the internet.  Seems there’s nothing we people can’t do on there!

    My JESUS also said something else.  And i’ve been thinking about it lately.  HE said, “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his relatives and his own family.” To which i reply.  “Amen.”

    Dang freakin rabbit kids…i’m a fair and reasonable woman…statistically speaking i could be happy with 4 out of 9 of you reading my blogs….that is less that half.
    Okay…how about 1 out of 9?
    Here’s an idea…maybe you children of mine could devise a rotating system…there’s enough of you…each of you read 1 blog…and then you do not have to read another of my writings for about a month.  That’s not so hard is it?  I feel this system would be good practice for when you are all fully grown and in your own homes…and i am aged…and maybe a little needy…and you could all take turns with me for 1 month? Let’s see… i could live in your individual homes in 1 month increments…that would only leave me 3 months to fend for myself…if you were generous kids…you could cycle your ol ma during the colder months so that i could save the 3 warmer months for car living.  Not a bad idea, eh?

    Besides, i am trying to avoid surprises and fights in my older years when i am staying at your homes. The thought of little Ben or Noah Jr. or Josiah (the 2nd)…. discovering on their own that Ga-Ge has a blog…and leafing through the archives…and seeing all the stuff that i’ve written about their daddys and their aunts and uncles…(although as pleasant as that thought is)…kinda makes me cringe.   It only stands to reason that if you were reading my stuff now…you would have plenty of time to deal with it, get over it, and move on.

    Sometimes i force my kids to read my newest blog…actually i follow them around the house with my laptop, reading aloud as they flip pancakes or play on their IPODS.  I laugh openly at my witty sense of humor and ask “Did you get that? That’s hilarious!”  I re-read certain parts for emphasis…or sometimes just to see if they are actually listening…i once was stuck on the phrase “I have a thought”  for about 4 minutes…till one of the kids blinked and said, “Didn’t you just say that?”

    My older more mature kids offer me little hope either.
    My eldest Seth, who has his own thriving-writing-online-magazine- business…listens patiently, with his headphones on while he is writing his own articles…he nods every few minutes…to appear interested…
    “Seth, do you think the cow jumped over the moon fit in there well?” I ask after i conclude my out loud blog reading.
    “Huh, yeah…sounded good mom.” Comes the answer.
    Seth just reached his Millionth reader…Millionth…with a capital M…last week i reach 125…so who needs his input anyways?

    Heath lives a couple of hours away…He loves his ma…he likes to keep in touch with family…for sure he is reading my stuff…the other day on the phone while chatting i asked:
    “Hey, Heath, have you been reading any of my blogs?”
    “Ahhh, yeah…they are good…..”
    The next day i sat down on my site and saw that my 2nd son, Heath, had pressed the “like” button on about 10 of my newest blogs.
    Evidently what Heath meant was “Ahhhh, yeah…they are good…when i read them tomorrow.”

    There is nothing like daughters…and i’ve got the best…hands down…they just don’t read my stuff…
    Hannah’s sound reasoning..”I lived that stuff everyday.  I was there when it happened.  I could write those stories. It would be like reliving needless moments. It would be equivalent to Deja Ve.”
    Bekah’s excuse is  “Natey (her boyfriend) faithfully reads every one and he summarizes them for me.”
    Well….how kind of Natey.

    Ah, a prophet without honor in her own town…amongst her own people…i will add that to my list of martyrdom sayings that i spew aloud every few weeks within hearing distance of those naughty kids.

    And i will keep writing…and i will keep telling…and i will keep sharing…and i will keep preaching…and i will keep laughing on the page…and i will keep crying on the paper…as my life unfolds… in an unsteady rhythm…

    And one sweet day, i will grab my  youngest grand by the hand….whisper shhhh with my finger pressed to my mouth…smile cunningly…and tiptoe off to my 1 month room in his home.  I will seat him all cuddly like on my lap…open my computer…and search thismamasquirrel.com.   Then i will share with him treasures and secrets….about how amazingly awesome…and how completely random…and how unbelievably wonderful his family has always been…back when his daddy and his uncles and his aunts  were my naughty kids. And we will laugh…and we will smile…and i will teach him to say…
    “Dang freakin’ rabbit kids!”

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    charlie-charlie-pencils_400x250It’s all over the internet…i’ve heard about it on the news…i’ve seen it on facebook…i’ve watched videos of it on YouTube….the Charlie, Charlie “game.”

    What appears to be silly, innocent fun…the next fad for kids to explore… is in actuality a very dangerous and deceptive practice.  It’s no game.  It’s not a joke.  It is neither innocent or harmless.

    The nightly news recently did a short broadcast on the Charlie Charlie “game”, they pinned it right up along side other crazy things kids try for fun…like the “see-how-long-you-can-hold-a-teaspoon-of-cinnamon-in-your-mouth” challenge….and the “suck-on-a-bottle-till-your-lips-blow-up” activity.  I remember when my up-for-any kids tried the “who-can-hold-a-piece-of-ice-on-their-wrist-the-longest” game. Youth in their innocence, spirit of adventure, and influences from peers will try just about anything.  It kinda goes with the territory of growing up.  I get that. We teach our kids to think for themselves…be the leader and not the follower…and just say NO…when it comes to the big stuff, like drugs and alcohol and drunk driving.  But sometimes we need to corral our kids in on what appears to be the little stuff…the not so bad stuff…the ‘at least they aren’t out smoking weed stuff.’  Stuff like the Charlie Charlie “game.”

    If you are not familiar with the Charlie Charlie challenge you can find plenty about it on YouTube.  Check it out for yourselves..its fairly simple…the kids place two pencils on a sheet of paper, one on top of the other, (in the form of a cross)…on the paper below the pencils the kids scribble yes and no….that’s it…a game anyone can make right in their own homes…any time of the day or night…(unlike a Ouija board that your kid has to at least go out a buy and has the same effect.)

    After the easy  set up, the kids begin to invoke a spirit and ask “Charlie, Charlie can we play?”….the pencil then moves to an answer… yes or no….at this point the kids freak out, but eventually become so intrigued that typically they continue to “play” with the evil spirit.  And yes, i said evil.  Inviting spirits is witchcraft.  And witchcraft is always evil.

    I know a little about spiritual warfare. I have studied some.  I have witnessed some.  I have been taught some.  I have fought some.

    I know enough to know it is real.
    I know enough to have a respect for the powers of darkness.
    I know enough to see that the only ONE higher is JESUS CHRIST.
    I know enough to stay OUT of the arena with demons, unless i am on a mission from the LORD.
    I know enough to tell my kids “Don’t open a door for the enemy cause he will take you up on it.”

    As CHRIST followers we have the power and authority to stand up against any evil that wants to invade our homes.  Those spiritual forces have no rights to our heads, our kids or our territory.  We are under the BLOOD of the CROSS…which demons hate because it is their downfall…and the forces of wickedness know it…they know they have been defeated at the CROSS.

    Stand up Christian mama…summer is coming…our kids are gonna have time on their hands…they are smart kids…no matter how we try to protect them from the ways of this world…your kids and mine…will most likely hear about the new teen challenge Charlie, Charlie, if they haven’t already.  Beat the enemy to the punch line…face it head on with your babies…instruct them NOT to partake of this challenge…and tell them how come, how come you don’t mess with “games” like this.  If you find your children have already dabbled in Charlie, Charlie… then love them like JESUS and help them repent….so they can move forward free.

    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.  Ephesians 6:12

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    There are plenty of things i have had to learn about that i really didn’t want to.  Actually it has happened quiet frequently:
    I sure wasn’t interested in Divorce 101 but i ended up in that class.
    Basics of ADD, dyslexia and learning disabilities wasn’t my top pick but i took the course.
    Who the heck would sign up for anorexia today?
    Or hotline to inmates?
    Or heart ablation for beginners?  I took that gem 3xs.
    I sat in the back of drug use and abuse in the real world.
    And drank soda while studying grief counseling for kids.
    I have had tons of “educational experiences” in real life, everyday stuff..and never even walked through a college door.

    And here i sit again.  Searching the internet for post-concussion syndrome…that is, when my brain can take the extra stimulation.

    “Really, LORD, i do NOT wanna learn about concussion stuff…i just wanna get better!”
    But better i ain’t…. so what choice do i have but sign my name on the dotted line and enroll in Concussions for Dummies.

    I remember once walking down my country road…going through whatever the trauma drama of my moment was….and crying out to GOD…and this is what i said…here is a direct quote:
    “LORD, i am sick and tired of being a poster child for YOUR grace.”
    Yes, i said it out loud.  From my mouth to my GOD’s ears.
    And i mean’t it.
    Good thing my GOD loves me so much…even when i’m having a hissy fit.
    I think that day we just kept on a-walking…and i kept on a-crying…and eventually we got to the crossroads where i had to pick the next path…and that is where i stopped and let GOD take a picture of my face…wet with tears…to be used in HIS advertisement plan.  I think the caption read GODS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT.  IF THIS GIRL CAN KEEP GOING ON IN JESUS THEN ANYONE CAN!  LOOK WHAT GOD CAN DO! AND HE WILL DO IT FOR YOU TOO!

    Post-Concussion-Syndrome is a big word…a big word i live in everyday…and no one but the LORD knows for how long.
    It’s a bummer.  I miss stuff.  Church.  Graduation parties.  Worship nights.  Seabreeze.  Picnics.  Barn dances.  Teaching ladies Bible study. Basketball games.  Fun stuff.  Spring stuff…and now summer stuff.

    Did you know post-concussion-syndrome affects more than just your skull?  Sure… it affects your body, as well as your  mind, and also your emotions… known in the concussion world as cognitive, physical and  behavioral.  I understood the body part, and even the cognitive part…but the behavioral…well it threw me for a loop when my neurologist explained it to me.

    The behavioral part..(the part that threw me)..i can best compare to a drunk.  There are mean drunks. There are happy drunks.  There are silly drunks.  There are aggressive drunks.  There are sleazy drunks. There are depressive drunks.  Then there are the drunks that cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry at NOTHING.

    Let’s just say… good thing i’m not a drinker.

    My kids have fun with this one.  Naughty kids.  They should be feeling sorry for their poor ol concussioned head ma…but no.

    The teen boys love to sneak up behind me and whisper in my ear…”Mom, i love you.”
    What would have previously brought them a response of “What do you want?”
    Has turned into a weepy teary reply…”I love you too, honey!”
    To which they burst out laughing. And immediately call another brother over to “Tell mom you love her…you gotta see this!”


    Hankies (made from my boys t-shirts)  are my companions.
    A neck brace is my car riding buddy.
    Earplugs are my new BFF’s.
    And a yellowing, crinkly poster with my face plastered on it dons the wall of my bedroom…
    where i can read and re read the words every night GOD’s GRACE IS SUFFICIENT.

    Then i lay my dizzy head down….
    chuckle at my foolish self…
    and thank GOD…
    that HE picked me…
    to use as HIS poster child.

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    karaA short phrase popped into my head the other day…and it’s been rolling around and around ever since:


    Interesting idea.

    What that statement says to me is…”Missy Kim, open your arms, stretch out your hands, receive the life story that has been handed to you…then close those fists, pull that story to your chest, embrace it…and live it…live THAT life story…the life story in your hands…and no other.”

    I personally think that’s a great idea.  But what happens when the life story in my hands…isn’t what i wanted…or expected…or planned?  What happens when i don’t like my life’s story?  When the plot thickens and the characters turn grumpy?  When the visit to the Drs leaves me with yet another twist to my adventure?  What happens when the sun was supposed to shine but it rained instead…and that rain did not stop for a long, long time?  How do i live that life story well?  How do i even want to?

    Those deep questions will take me hours of pondering…much time in meditation…multiple prayers…days in the WORD…and me… seeking sound advice from women far wiser than i.

    All right…so let’s get started.  I have an idea!  Let’s ask Kara Tippetts!  Oh wait…we can’t…she’s dead.

    I know very little about Kara story, but what i do know has left an impression on me.  It seems our dear sister Kara had learned the secrets to TAKING THE LIFE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN HANDED…AND LIVING THAT LIFE.

    Kara had 4 sweet babies…and a loving husband when she left this world on March 22, 2015 after a long battle with cancer.  Kara, armed with a passion for writing and a love for her JESUS bravely recorded the journey she was handed in a blog entitled Mundane Faithfulness.  Kara, it seems lived the life she was handed right up until the end…and she lived it well.  Here is a quote from Kara written just before her death:

    “My little body has grown tired of battle, and treatment is no longer helping. But what I see, what I know, what I have is Jesus. He has still given me breath, and with it I pray I would live well and fade well. By degrees doing both, living and dying, as I have moments left to live. I get to draw my people close, kiss them and tenderly speak love over their lives. I get to pray into eternity my hopes and fears for the moments of my loves. I get to laugh and cry and wonder over Heaven. I do not feel like I have the courage for this journey, but I have Jesus—and He will provide. He has given me so much to be grateful for, and that gratitude, that wondering over His love, will cover us all. And it will carry us—carry us in ways we cannot comprehend. “

    I never asked Kara…but i’m pretty sure dying of cancer at 38 and leaving behind a young family wasn’t in her plans.  I’m guessing losing her hair and enduring painful treatments wasn’t her expected journey.  I’m shooting in the dark here but i believe Kara had other ideas about what her life story would look like.

    Once when i prayed for Kara i said “LORD, YOU can do a miracle.”
    To which HE gently replied “I did.”


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    smiling-womanSmiling at the future…what a wonderful, whimsical, UNBELIEVABLE thought….

    Well…unbelievable… except for one tiny point…the BIBLE tells us in Proverbs 31…that this smiling thing is that woman who fear the LORD do…they learn to smile at the future…so let’s continue searching the Scriptures to see just how come we can line ourselves up with that verse…and relax a little…so our GOD-given smiles can beak through.

    I take great comfort in the fact that JESUS will leave the 99 good little sheep and go after my kid, the naughty, rebellious little sheep.  I love the fact that JESUS goes and searches for that little sheep…cause that 1 little sheep is so important and valuable to HIM…and that JESUS’S mission is to bring that little wandering sheep home…with great rejoicing!!!!  I hide my fears in the truth that IT IS NOT GODS WILL THAT ANY OF MY CHILDREN SHOULD PERISH.
    And here’s the proof, Matthew 18:10-14 (ESV)
    “See that you do not despise gone of these little ones. For I tell you that in Heaven their angels always  see the face of MY  FATHER who is in heaven. What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountains and go in search of the one that went astray? And if he finds it, truly, I say to you, he rejoices over it more than over the ninety-nine that never went astray.  So lit is not the will of MY FATHER who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.”...that’s a JESUS quote!

    I breathe easier inhaling the truth that our GOD is LORD…and that HE can do anything…nothing is beyond HIM.
    And here’s the proof, Jeremiah 32:27 (NAS)
    “Behold, I am the LORD, the GOD of all flesh is anything too difficult for ME?”…that’s a FATHER quote!

    I rest in the fact that HE is GOD…the Great Creator… WHO has made everything out of nothing…HE made my kids…HE knows my kids…i can trust HIM with my kids.
    Proof text, Isaiah 45:11-12
    Thus says the LORD, the Holy ONE of Israel, and his MAKER.  “Ask ME about the things to come concerning MY sons, And you shall commit to ME the work of MY hands“  It is I who made the earth, and created man upon it.  I stretched out the heavens with MY hands And I ordained all their host.

    I lay my head down at night on the pillow of HIS Sovereignty….I close my eyes and rest in HIS ruler-ship knowing that…wherever my kids are…whatever they are doing…whoever they are with…whatever they are contemplating…GOD is higher still.
    Cause it says, Psalm 103:19 (NAS)
    The LORD has established HIS throne in the Heavens and HIS Sovereignty rules over all.

    There you have it girls!  We are surrounded with plenty of scriptures that will put a smile on even the most stoic faces!
    These are just a few verses and smile builders!
    The WORD is full of them and they are there for the taking…to hold up, admire, and believe in!

    Girls…after this… you and i… should be wearing smiles… to light up the whole town!

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    smiling-womanI like reading in the Proverbs.  It’s a good one.  Full of wisdom from above for me to trade up for.  Full of reasonable, logical words on how to conduct my life’s daily affairs.  I enjoy it till i get to certain verses that i don’t like…or can’t understand.  Here’s one that always perplexed me…and kinda gnawed at me from the inside out.

    Proverbs 31:25b…SHE SMILES AT THE FUTURE.

    Now ain’t that a pretty picture…and a good thought.  Me sitting around my daily life…gazing into the unknown future…and smiling.  Hmmmmm.

    My question for many years was…”And how does that one work LORD?  How in this world can i smile at the future when i don’t know what the future holds?  How can i smile at something that i’m not sure i’m gonna like?  And how can i smile at the future when i’ve got all these kids that will likely be there…and i have no idea what their choices will be…or what sufferings they are gonna have to face..which is the greatest heartache for me by far.  YOUR asking me to smile blankly at the unknown?  Don’t seem right.”

    So back in 2006 i went on a journey to discover how, in this world, i was gonna look a little bit like this Proverbs 31 lady, who went about smiling at her future.  And here is a portion of what i found.

    I discovered that JESUS will go to my kids, even in the worst of places and HE will minister to them right where they are at.  And that HE will call to them from there.  HIS love is never bound or confined or limited.  HE will go anywhere…anytime…and meet my kids at any point…in their future.
    And here’s the proof…Matthew 9:10-13 (NAS)
     As Jesus went on from there, He saw a man called Matthew, sitting in the tax collector’s booth; and He said to him, “Follow Me!” And he got up and followed Him.Then it happened that as Jesus was reclining at the table in the house, behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and were dining with Jesus and His disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they said to His disciples, “Why is your Teacher eating with the tax collectors and sinners?” But when Jesus heard this, He said, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick. “But go and learn what this means: ‘I DESIRE COMPASSION, AND NOT SACRIFICE,’ for I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.

    I found that JESUS, WHO is WISDOM from GOD takes HIS stand at every crossroad my kids will come up to in their lives.  HE meets them at that crossroad…HE stands at every present and every future crossroad and HE calls to them…and HE beckons them…and HE lovingly lures them to choose the right path.  And if/when they fail and make the poor choice…even the sin choice…HE will run ahead of them to the next crossroad and do it all over again…and again…and again…stretching into their farthest future.
    Now here’s the proof…Proverbs 8:1-4a (NLT)
    Listen as Wisdom calls out!  Hear as understanding raises her voice! On the hilltop along the road,
    she takes her stand at the crossroads. By the gates at the entrance to the town, on the road leading in, she cries aloud, “I call to you, to all of you!”

    I also realized that my kids, having a saved parent, have an extra special anointing…or sanctification that kids with unbelieving parents do not have.  My kids are already “set apart” in a unique way today and forever, as i serve the LORD.  They are in the BEST position all their live long lives to get trounced on by the HOLY SPIRIT….cause i am a JESUS girl.
    Want the proof?  1 Corinthians 7:14 (NIV)
    For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy.
    and Proverbs 14:26 (NIV)
    Whoever fears the LORD has a secure fortress, and for their children it will be a refuge.

    Are you smiling yet?  Hopefully you have at least cracked a faint grin.

    Let these 3 reasons you have for smiling at your unknown future sink in …and come back next time for 4 more reasons…to smile.

    You and i can learn how to give GOD the full control of our lives and the lives our sweet babies.
    We do have the grace to grant HIM the full burden of meeting us and our kids in all of our happenings.
    And we have, deposited inside of us… ladies… a confident HOLY SPIRIT powered smile that is intended to adorn our faces all of our earthly days!

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    I have spent years in the homeschooling business.  About 30 to be precise.  I have studied the ins and outs of various curriculum, learning styles and methods.  I have taught from traditional textbooks, library resources, living books, computer programs, unit studies, And back in the day when I was a fun, adventurous mom…wrote all my own curriculum!

    I have learned the value of trying something different.  And the discipline of sticking with it and pressing through.

    I have home schooled these babies at the kitchen table and on the living room floor.  Out-of-doors, in the van on the way to the doctors, during several co-ops,  and for many, many years from the confines of a sick bed.

    When life blossomed unexpected changes or became too overwhelmingly difficult, I have appreciated the beauty of “un-schooling” for those seasons.

    I have walked the homeschooling mamas path when there was barely a trail to follow and have personally seen the tremendous changes and advances in the homeschoolers community and choices. It’ s the path I’ve dedicated my life to follow and I would not have it any other way.  Even on the hard days.

    Having nine kiddos, I learned very quickly what the manuals tell us is true…every kid is unique. Every child learns differently.

    Having homeschooled many years, I learned, though rather slowly, that every new year was going to look different, act different, smell different, taste different, feel different and be different.

    Armed with a strong desire to be with my kids, a love for teaching, the infallible WORD of GOD and a loaded bookshelf I plowed through. Kid after kid, baby after nursing baby, toddler through graduation. I spent lots of time reminding myself that different was okay, and was not only to be expected but embraced.

    And somewhere along the line, I became a veteran homeschooling mom.  Since school-at-home was such a common way of life for us, I just did what I  normally did, day in and day out, most days,  year after year.

    But now in my graying years, graying as in,  lacking the energy of youth years, I am left with just three kids at home.  Amazing to me.  Just three.
    And in my graying years, graying as in, tired, worn out, someone please rub my shoulders years, I have the blessing of homeschooling two of those three kids.
    And, and in my graying years, graying as in, whipped, aching, someone please rub my feet years, I have the blessing of homeschooling a son diagnosed with ADHD (the real one), ODD, Dyslexia, and several learning disorders.

    Different never looked so different.
    Unschooling never looked so good.
    The public school never looked so….well; I won’t go there.

    So here we are and here I sit winding down my homeschooling career with my biggest different yet.
    Not sometimes.  Not often.  But every single solitary day.  All. Day. Long.

    Kids, like my son, are the absolute.  This boy has an amazing mind.  A clever sense of happenings.  A dynamic personality.   He owns a sensitivity like no other.  Creative out of the kazoo.  Astounding in his descriptions.  Skilled beyond his years at sports.

    He just hates school.
    I can’t blame him.
    Learning with disabilities leading the way is no fun.
    And teachers who make you do school ain’t no fun either.
    Are you getting the picture?
    Nah, I don’t think quite.
    Allow me to give you an illustration.

    Earlier this year while sitting next to my boy, plugging through the mornings work we entered our daily homeschool twilight zone.
    Ah yes….home school twilight zone.
    And it was during that time that my beautiful, unique, creative, talented, ADHD, frustrated, hater of school kid did exactly what I have trained him to do in a moment of  exasperation….Cry out to JESUS.

    And cry out he did.  Loud and clear.  With proper emotion.  And enunciation.


    Yep, that was the prayer.  My teen son, asking GOD to smite his homeschooling mother.

    To which I quickly bowed my head and joined in, agreeing in prayer  “YES, LORD JESUS!  PLEASE!”

    Good thing GOD has a sense of humor.
    And good thing the love my kid and I have for each other is built upon a strong foundation.  And it ain’t home school.
    And good thing that YOU are doing today homeschooling mama, or private schooling mama, or public schooling mama being there for your kid and helping him through life.

    Take courage, stay strong. It’s only a short season that passes by quickly.
    Enjoy the fact that somewhere out there…there is another mama…
    walking life’s path…doing her best…to train her kids…that GOD did not smite.