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    jonah plantsMr. Jonah the prophet of GOD, who had a crummy attitude towards GOD, towards people, towards his duties, and towards life itself.
    I know i have been affected by the Jonah attitude, probably more than I’d like to admit. How about you? Keep reading if you want to discover something about the Jonah attitude and what it can look like on the servants of GOD today. As always, there is hope in the end so be brave, swallow hard, and scroll down.

    The first sign that you or i are wearing a Jonah attitude lies in our belief system. This naughty attitude overtakes us when we actually believe that we can pick and choose the things of GOD that we will or won’t do. It’s detected when we hear ourselves say, “Yes, LORD I’ll do that cause it will give me pleasure.” Or “No, LORD I won’t do that cause there is really nothing in it for me.” Or “Nah, LORD can’t do that cause i don’t understand it or agree with it.”
    Okay, we probably never say THOSE exact words out loud but whatever words we are using to sugar coat our disobedience…if we put them in a pot…and boiled them down…they would come out looking…like those words.

    Now, do GOD’S people have GOD given free will…to make their own choice…to do GOD’S bidding or not?
    Yep. Yep, we do. Just bear in mind ‘to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin”n.

    The Jonah attitude can also take this nasty form: refusing to do good to someone just cause we don’t like them! And since we don’t like them we don’t wanna help them. And since we don’t wanna help them we will never be able to save them. And since we can’t save them we wait for their destruction…and we may even (secretly) wish for it and look forward to their downfall. Yeah, that perspective has got Jonah written all over it.

    Okay, one more…hang in there. The last Jonah attitude I’d like to uncover today is of the “I-don’t-really-care-how-my-stinkin’-attitude-is-gonna-affect-anyone else” variety.
    Jonah knew he was directly, intentionally, purposefully disobeying GOD….and he said “Eh, GOD.”
    Jonah knew he was jeopardizing the lives of a whole shipload of men through his running away…and he said, “I’ll do it anyway.”
    Jonah knew 120,000 people’s souls were at stake in the great city of Nineveh…and he said, “So what?”

    Jonah, Jonah, Jonah. Me and you, me and you me and you.

    Now if you saw any of those attitudes in you (past or present)… you can maybe agree with me that…we are all a mess…and all pretty dumb…and all have/still are harboring attitudes. That’s pretty heavy…so what’s the hope?

    Here’s the hope:
    Did GOD know before requesting that Jonah goes on HIS mission that Jonah was housing those ungodly attitudes? The answer is a resounding YES!
    Did GOD ask him to do it anyways? YES again!
    Did GOD follow after Jonah and lead him to repentance in the big fishes belly? YES!
    Did GOD give Jonah another chance to do-it-right? YES! YES!
    Did GOD know that even though Jonah had a change of mind and went to Nineveh…he did not have a change of heart…and walked obedience with a crummy attitude? YES!
    Did GOD continue to talk to Jonah about his rotten attitudes, while Jonah rested on the hill, waiting and hoping for Nineveh to be destroyed. YES!
    Did JESUS in the New Testament use the story of Jonah in the big fish as an example to HIS death and resurrection?

    Take heart dear ones….if you have ever had in past times…or are carrying now…a portion of the Jonah attitude…know that you are in good company…ranking right up there with some of the prophets of GOD!

    And learn that GOD isn’t about squashing you out. Not our GOD. Our GOD saw the repentance of the 120,000 heathen folks in the wicked city of Nineveh and delighted that HE didn’t have to perform the evil that HE had incited against them.

    How much more so the grace and mercy of GOD towards HIS beloved children! If you’ve been wrong in your attitudes…then repent and do it right. If your’e having a hard time getting it right…keep trying. Learn from those who have gone before us…it’s all written there for our examples. Disobedience will lead us to places we really do not wanna end up. Saying “No” to GOD is a rough and rocky path. Running the other way will only prolong the inevitable cause our GOD will track us down…call us out…brush us off…and tell us again.

    As for me, I’d like to avoid the belly of a great fish as often as I can. How about you?

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    jonah Roaming through the book of Jonah the other day i saw something that i had never really seen before. Something very interesting that drew me in. I had to read and reread to be sure i was correct in what I found…and yep, i was! This revelation may not be news to you but it was to me…so old news or new news it’s worth this headline:


    No joke. It’s true. Allow me to take you there.

    Jonah, the prophet of GOD, was told by his GOD to “Go to Nineveh the great city and cry against it, for their wickedness has come up before ME.”

    To which Jonah replied “No”….we’ll it doesn’t actually say he said the words “No”…but the BIBLE does says Jonah jumped up, ran to Joppa, bought a ticket and hopped a ship to Tarshish. A ship going the exact opposite of GOD’s destination… Nineveh! So, basically, yeah…it was a “No.”

    While on the ship sailing to Tarshish GOD hurls a strong wind on the sea, causing a major storm!
    #1….the wind obeyed GOD.

    The heathen sailors on this same ship were of course… freaked out! They know their ship is in danger of breaking apart because of this dangerous storm. They know they are done for if this storm doesn’t cease. The fearful sailors all pray to their gods… to no avail. So they question Jonah and find out he’s the problem! This Hebrew fella is running away from the GOD of Heaven and Earth! No wonder GOD is angry! The seaman then reluctantly throw Jonah overboard in hopes to cease the storm. These seasoned, heathen, boatman are amazed and the BIBLE says they greatly feared the ONE TRUE GOD, offered a sacrifice to HIM, then vowed to serve HIM.
    #2…the heathen sailors obeyed GOD.

    Meanwhile, while Jonah is sinking in the depths of the sea…GOD appoints a great fish to swallow him whole. Then GOD instructs that great fish to spit Jonah out on a specific harbor.
    #3…the great fish obeys GOD.

    After his water adventure Jonah has a change of mind and decides to go to Nineveh and bring GOD’s WORD to the evil inhabitants of that city after-all. This wicked city hosts 120,000 people, who according to the BIBLE, don’t know their right hand from their left. Jonah walks through this huge city and proclaims, “Yet 40 days and the city of Nineveh will be destroyed!” When the word of the LORD came to the people of Nineveh the people believed in GOD, called a fast and put on sack cloth and ashes…in other words they repented..sincerely!
    #4…the wicked inhabitants of Nineveh obeyed GOD.

    Well, now, Jonah isn’t liking too much the fact that the whole city of Nineveh is repenting. He knows his GOD is merciful and compassionate and that HE will relent of any evil that HE has planned once HE sees their repentance. And that means “Jonah’s words” won’t come true. So Jonah goes outside of the city…plops himself on a ledge…and waits (with a crummy attitude) to see what’s gonna happen, still hoping GOD will still flatten the city.
    It’s during this time that GOD sends a plant to grow up over Jonah to shade him from the sun.
    #5…the plant obeys GOD.

    The next morning GOD appoints a worm to go and gnaw at the plants, causing it to whither and die.
    #6…the worm obeyed GOD.

    Okay…soooo…Jonah was a prophet…but he never really got it.

    Or did he?

    The BIBLE does not specifically state who the author of Jonah was. Traditionally it is accepted that the writer was the prophet himself. I’ll buy that. I like to think that everyday people…doing everyday things…making everyday mistakes…with everyday stinky attitudes…can live and learn and grow and do better in the long run.
    I enjoy reminding myself that the BIBLE folks, like Jonah, were real flesh and blood people… with lots of issues, who still did the work of GOD during their little, puny, life times. And some of them left written pages to tell us about their adventures…their triumphs…and their failures…their disobediences…their wise choices…and their not so smart ones.
    I wonder if any of these writers foreknew that hundreds of years latter people would be opening up the BOOKS that expose their strengths and weaknesses. Reading the stories that expose their failures and flaws. And that some single mama somewhere would be blogging about them on her random internet site. I wonder.

    When i read through the pages of the BIBLE and marvel at the stories within i often remember New Testament verses:
    But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.
    GOD’s power works best in weakness. So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.

    Maybe that’s why Jonah ended up sharing his story. Revealing how he was so foolish and so weak, but also showing how GOD was so wise and so strong.

    Maybe Jonah got it after all.

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    broken cisterns Oh, boy…broken cisterns…a container that is cracked and can’t contain the water poured inside…a reservoir that leaks out the contents…a vessel intended to hold something but isn’t able to because of the flaws.

    I know something about broken cisterns. I expect many of us do. Christian or not, we can sometimes find ourselves pouring our pitchers into broken cisterns, watching them fill up, only to see them drain out. Your broken cisterns may not look like mine but the result it the same. That broken thing does not satisfy us. Cause broken doesn’t work. Here is what the WORD has to say on this matter:

    “For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, The fountain of living waters, To hew for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns That can hold no water.”…Jeremiah 2:13

    My broken cistern signifies my struggle with food addiction. It’s real and it’s there. It doesn’t change shape whether i’m at my feel-good weight or not. I stuff food in, reaching a moment of fullness…only to experience that satisfied feeling draining out of me…and finding myself empty again…i have to go back for a refill.
    That’s life with broken cisterns. You are never fulfilled for long.

    I’ve often said that the ONE good thing about being a food addict is that i can relate (in my little way)…to the drug addict, the shop-a-holic, the porn addict, the alcoholic….all those “ics” out there that are doing the same thing i am doing…pouring water into broken cisterns…only to watch them drain out…and having to go back and do it all over again….and again…and again. We know it ain’t smart. We know it ain’t right. And many of us hate the cycles we are in. We spend lots of time trying to figure out how to keep that water in those broken pots and when we can’t we just keep replenishing.

    Broken cisterns come in lots of colors, shapes and sizes. Many of us keep them stored on shelves way in the back of the cupboard where others can’t see. We pull them out when no one is around and fill and fill…and leak and leak. Then hide them away till the next time we need some satisfaction.

    JESUS, when talking to the Samaritan woman, who had come to fill her pot with water at the city well, said to her; “Whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a fountain of living water springing up into eternal life.”

    Interesting stuff here. This Samaritan woman had a broken pot of her own. We know this because a few verses later JESUS tells her to “Go get your husband and come back.” To which she replied, “I have no husband.”
    Jesus said to her, “You have correctly said, ‘I have no husband’; for you have had five husbands, and the one whom you now have is not your husband; this you have said truly.
    Oh, that JESUS! Always pulling our cracked pots out of the cupboard!
    But hold on! That’s all HE said about her broken cistern! Her poor choices weren’t JESUS focus…it wasn’t HIS point! JESUS didn’t break out into a 20-minute sermon on how naughty she was and how foolish of her to keep pouring herself into the cracked pot of “self-worth through relationships with men.”
    No, what JESUS did was this:

    1. JESUS recognized her broken cistern.
    2. JESUS pointed out her broken cistern.
    3. JESUS offered her a better way.

    Imagine with me for a moment…try to picture it in your mind…a tired, worn out, BIBLE time woman, standing by a well, with a cracked pot in hand…getting ready to pour water into it again…knowing full well…that no matter what she does…this pot would soon be empty.
    Now imagine JESUS, the KING of the UNIVERSE…walking over to this lady…knowing absolutely everything about her…yet, smiling, with compassion at her…reaching out…taking the broken cistern from her hands…setting it down…and standing again…to embrace her…to hold her…to unconditionally love her.
    Envision this weak woman, laden with her sin…leaning into the arms of JESUS and allowing all of her weight to fall against HIM. In HIS embrace, she feels sweetness…peacefulness. She breathes deeply for the first time in a long time. And she rests in HIS love.
    And as HE holds her closely HE offers her something that this world cannot give. Something that will last. Something that will satisfy. Something not broken. Living Water. Water straight from Heaven that does not require a holding tank so there is no danger of breakage…no fear of flaw…no damaged pieces.
    The water that flows from the throne of GOD…down into her life…through the gift of HIS SON JESUS CHRIST…the ONE whom she is leaning upon now.
    Now imagine that woman to be me…or you. For JESUS CHRIST is the same…yesterday, today and tomorrow. and HIS offer of Living Water extends to “whosoever will”

    Yeah…i think I’d like a big swig of Living Water today…how about you?


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    sword I am a night time worrier. It just kinda happens. I wake up in the night…you know… to go potty… or cause i hear a kid come in late…and i find myself awoke…awake…awuck. In other words…i ain’t going back to sleep…at least not for awhile.

    And there i lay. And while i lay…my brain beings to talk to me. And my brain reminds me of scary stuff that during the light of day i would naturally pray about…but somehow in the dark of night my prayers get stuck in my throat while my brain keeps on talking.

    Yep, there i lay…
    getting scared-er…
    getting worried-er…
    getting ‘we’re-never-gonna-make-it-er.’
    It happens all the time. Same song verse 2…then 3…then 4.
    I lay there and ask myself “How many verses can this song have? And why in the world am i singing along?”

    Then one night i found a cool little verse that shows me how i can turn from
    ‘night time worrier’
    ‘night time warrior.”

    Follow me to Song of Solomon 3:8…
    All of them are wielders of the sword, Expert in war; Each man has his sword at his side, Guarding against the terrors of the night.

    I told you it was cool. Way cool.

    In other places in Scripture the WORD of GOD is referred to as a sword. So now let’s re-read this verse with that in mind…in Kim paraphrase.

    “All of those GOD girls have a sword in their hands and they know how to use them! They are experts in war because they have submitted to much training and practice! They keep their sword with them at all times, ready for battle. They have learned that this sword is their weapon to fight against the terrifying thoughts that come to do battle with them during the night.” Kim Barnes Waterman

    Oh, girls…our enemy knows that he has a better chance to defeat us in the dark of the night. That’s when we are most tired…most vulnerable…most alone…most weak…more so than in our daylight hours.

    But our GOD knows that too…and HE has given us the strategy to take to bed with us every night…before the darkness comes upon us.
    It’s the strategy we should keep at our bedside…ready to use…when the nighttime battle begins.


    Remember GOD’s plan is satan’s nightmare.
    And that defeated foe is really scared of girls with swords!

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    walks-on-water-1I love the Peter of the BIBLE. He is one of my favorites. He’s rough and impetuous and unschooled in ministry. He learned all he needed to know for his apostleship through the revelations given to him by the FATHER. He did and tried and spoke up. He was such a real deal everyday kinda guy. He had a brain in his head and was often attempting to figure out JESUS and HIS words for himself. Once JESUS even told Peter, “Get thee behind me Satan!”

    I, for one, am glad Peter didn’t throw in the towel.

    When the MASTER asked HIS disciples, “Who do you say I AM?” It was Peter who spoke up, “YOU are the MESSIAH.” When JESUS watched multitudes of HIS disciples turn away from HIM when the going got rough, HE turned to HIS remaining followers and questioned, “Are you going to leave me too?” To which Peter replied, “Where would we go? You alone have the WORDS of everlasting life.”

    So it wasn’t much of a surprise for me when i read that it was Peter who stepped out of a boat… during a storm…in the middle of the night… to walk on the waves to JESUS. We find this account in Matthew 14.

    The disciples were in trouble far away from land, for a strong wind had risen, and they were fighting heavy waves. About three o’clock in the morning Jesus came toward them, walking on the water. When the disciples saw him walking on the water, they were terrified. In their fear, they cried out, “It’s a ghost!”
    But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage. It is I!”
    Then Peter called to him, “Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.”
    “Yes, come,” Jesus said.
    So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. But when he saw the strong wind and the waves, he was terrified and began to sink. “Save me, Lord!” he shouted.
    Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him. “You have so little faith,” Jesus said. “Why did you doubt me?”

    Oh that Mr. Peter. What en edgy sorta guy. Always on the fringe of “what’s up with JESUS.” I’m loving it!

    In this account…the disciples are in a boat heading across the lake…and JESUS appears out of no where. There is a strong storm tossing their boat to and fro. It is dark, very dark…not just middle-of-the-night dark, but middle-of- the-night-in-a-severe-storm dark. They spy a shadowy figure in front of them. Scared out of their wits, in the darkness, they assume they are looking at a ghost. JESUS, knowing their fear, spoke quickly and revealed HIMSELF. Still, the disciples aren’t fully convinced. After all it is dark…it is windy…it is rainy…and it is really weird.

    Enter my man Peter. “LORD if its really YOU, tell me to come to YOU, walking on the water.”
    And JESUS replied, “Come!” And Peter, came.

    Now here’s the cool, applicable thing for you and i today…some 2,000 years after this storm subsided.
    And we never have to find ourselves in the middle of the water…on a stormy night…with a bunch of other JESUS lovers to use it. We can apply this Wisdom anytime…anywhere…anyway. Follow me…don’t miss this sentence. Peter stepped out of that boat on the WORD of GOD.

    In all my CHRIST following years, i have never noticed this truth. I have always been stuck on water…and miracles…and lack of faith. It never occurred to me, until recently, that my Peter was walking on a direct WORD from GOD…never mind his physical footing.

    Peter asked GOD for a WORD (to be sure it was HIM) and then stepped out on that WORD! I told you it was cool! Way cool!

    Asking GOD for a WORD to walk on is common place for me, as it is for lots of Christians. I’ve done this multiple times since i’ve been in a relationship with the LORD. I have journals (somewhere) full of direct WORDS for direct situations. And i have followed the example of Peter more often than not. Yep, I got a WORD from the LORD…i got out of the boat…i started walking strong…then i looked at the reality…and felt the circumstances splashing up in my face…and i thought, “What is wrong with my head? Why would I ever think I can do this? This is nuts! Oh man…I’m going down. I’m not gonna make it! I’m heading back to the boat…at least i can drown with a piece of wood to hold on to!”

    Yeah, me and Mr. Peter…maybe we were fashioned from the same mold. Peter was smart, and i have been smart, calling out to JESUS to save us when were sinking. And JESUS always saves…even the most fearful and doubting of HIS followers…i got the JESUS part down…now i need to get my part down.

    Asking for a WORD from the LORD…no problem.
    Waiting and receiving a WORD for my happenings…i’ve learned it well.
    Stepping out on that WORD…not too shabby.
    Walking all the way through on that WORD…mmmmm…not so good.

    The desire of my heart is to follow after JESUS…to do what HE says…to go where HE sends…i wanna learn how to KEEP walking on HIS WORD, in every situation…no matter if it means stepping out on the stormy waters…climbing the mountain…trudging through the desert…or feeling my way through a dark valley…
    HIS WORD to me is what i set my feet on…step by humble step…moving forward…steady on the WORD…cause JESUS said.

    And what JESUS says HE means…He did not bring me this far to let me drown…or to trip off a cliff on the mountainside…or to die of thirst in the desert…or to fall in the valley…HE has brought me this far, solely on HIS WORD, so that i can meet HIM on the other side…maybe a little sweaty, maybe a little flushed… but in one piece…possessing a sound sane mind…and wearing a big smile.

    JESUS has had to deliver me from my doubts and fears, while walking on HIS WORD enough times. HE has proved HIS love for me. Now, by HIS grace, I wanna prove my love for HIM.

    In every stormy gale, dry desert, sunny sky, or deep valley…by HIS WORD, HE HAS MADE MY FEET LIKE HINDS FEET AND HE HAS SET ME UPON MY HIGH PLACES…and i am learning to believe HIM enough to walk all the way through….on nothing but HIS WORD!

    I believe Peter did. Yeah, i think Peter learnt it. It took some doing but my Peter ended his life walking and walking and walking on HIS strong belief in GOD’s WORD. He stepped and stepped on the WORDS JESUS imparted to him. In the end, Peter didn’t sink in unbelief. Peter finished strong.

    Peter and me…that mold…i’m pretty sure….we wear the same size shoe.

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    woman_prayingI have a beautiful young friend.  She is awesome in lots of ways.  She is like another one of my kiddos. And i love her like crazy.  She, like most young people i know today, struggles with life stuff and pressures.  It’s a hard place to live these days…in this world…in those difficult situations. I, for one, am glad i am not twenty-something.

    My sweet girlfriend listens to me when i talk about my JESUS.  She pays attention when we discuss life and choices and whats the purpose of it all.  She hasn’t walked out on me yet when i have offered to pray with her.  I’m telling ya this girl is the bomb!

    About a month ago we were visiting, just  chatting  away about lots of stuff.   When she was getting ready to hit-the-road, i piped up,  “Let me pray for you girlie, before you leave.”
    To which she responded, “Okay.”

    I stood up and wrapped my arms around this baby girl and prayed a short, simple prayer…from my heart… into her ears…directed up to the Heavens.
    “FATHER, give this child a dream.  LORD, come to her and confirm the words of YOUR servant.  Let her know that everything i’ve been saying about YOU is true.  GOD visit her in the night with a dream, that she will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, is from YOU…LORD, show her YOUR love for her…make YOURSELF known to her in a dream of the night.  In JESUS name. amen.”

    She turned to me with doubt in her eyes.
    “GOD can do it, honey,” I returned her glance.
    “I hope so,” she said quietly.
    I don’t remember my final words exactly, but I think they we something like “My GOD can reveal HIMSELF to you or HE is no GOD at all.”

    Well, days slipped by…and turned into a couple of weeks.  And no dream.
    “I am not a dreamer Kim, i just don’t have dreams in the night,” said my young friend.
    “That’s okay,”…and i continued praying.

    Weeks slipped into a month.  No dream.  Actually, she did have a couple about her boyfriend, which was still rare for her…but they weren’t GOD dreams.  Cause there are “dreams” and then there are “GOD dreams.”

    And i kept praying, and when i got shaky i prayed some more. My GODS name was on the line…and i knew it…and there was absolutely nothing i could do about it…there was no  way i (or anyone else) could put a GOD dream in her head in the middle of the night…this was all GOD…or this was foolishness.

    My friend called me yesterday.  She had a dream.  I caught my breath and wondered……………..
    “Tell me the dream.”
    She began…”It was scary… actually terrifying.”
    I waited.
    She continued, “I was in a big house with my girlfriends.  My mom and my sister were there.  There was a demon there too, it was a girl demon.  She was killing my friends in the house.  I kept trying to get out of the house but the demon kept blocking my way.  It was really scary.  Finally, my mom and sister and i tried to get some sleep and we all got into the same bed together because we were so afraid…but the demon kept attacking us.  It was terrifying.  Finally, i said, ‘The only way out of this is through JESUS.’  And my mom and my sister and I started like chanting and praying.  And the demon left.”

    With tears flooding down my cheeks, i could barely respond.  I was so overwhelmed with gratefulness to my GOD for HIS loving-kindness.  I pulled myself together long enough to respond by telling my young friend that she probably has no idea how BIBLICALLY accurate her dream was.  That in this life there is the presence of both good and evil.  That demons are real.  And that JESUS CHRIST is the only way out. I encouraged her that this was “the dream” I had asked for…no doubt…and that GOD was showing HIMSELF to her…making HIMSELF known to her…because of HIS great love for her.  I instructed her to write down this GOD dream in her journal and anything she remembers me saying about the dream…and saving it…setting on it.

    I hung up the phone, maybe to soon, cause i was flying and crying and praising all at once.  I immediately called my prayer partner, the only person who knew that i was praying for a GOD dream for my friend.  I could barely speak through grateful tears as i recounted the GOD dream…”HE did it!  HE did it!  There is absolutely no other explanation.  GOD confirmed my words about HIM in a powerful way!  GOD showed up for that little girl!”

    My prayer partner was so pumped she said, “I am on my way to my church right now.  Maybe i could share this testimony?”
    “Share it, ”  I wept, “Share it!  Tell the church GOD loves HIS people.  Tell them not to give up praying.  Tell them GOD hears their prayers!  Tell them GOD can do anything!”
    And share she did.  With the pastors permission, she spoke from the pulpit that very morning….and told the amazing testimony of GODS goodness in answering the prayers of HIS people…and she encouraged them to continue to pray with compassion for the lives of the lost and the broken and the hurting.

    GOD is in the business of doing what no one else can do.  HE loves it when we take HIM at HIS WORD…and pray into the impossible.  HE delights in showing HIMSELF strong.  HE dreams of us offering our “natural”… so HE can add HIS “super” to it…and produce the SUPERNATURAL!

    And here’s the verse from Isaiah that sums it all up:
    Thus says the LORD, your REDEEMER, and the ONE who formed you from the womb, “I, the LORD, am the MAKER of all things, Stretching out the heavens by MYSELF And spreading out the earth all ALONE…Confirming the word of MY servant And performing the purpose of MY messengers.

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    cross1At the beginning of 2015 i claimed Psalm 103 as my own.  I’ve memorized parts of it and speak it out-loud over my people often.  It’s a good one for lots of reasons.  Today i was rereading my Psalm when a glimmer of gold sparkled on the page…drawing my attention to 2 verses i’ve read dozens of times:
    For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is HIS love for those who fear HIM; as far as the east is from the west, so far has HE removed our transgressions from us.

    I moved my arms to envision this truth as i read and re read…..
    As high as the heavens are above the earth…(point straight up to Heaven and back down to earth)
    As far as the east is from the west….(point from one side to the other)

    As high as the Heavens are above the earth...(point straight up to Heaven and back down to earth)
    As far as the east is from the west…(point from one side to the other)

    Wowzer i thought…                   
                                                            GODS great love for me…
                                                               the removal of my sin…
                                 heaven to earth…… these verses………. east to west
                                                                       they form 
                                                                   a perfect cross.

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    jesusIn these dark and trying times fear and dread can grab a heart at any moment.  It can mine.  There is some very serious stuff going on in our world today.  You, who believe, watch the earths events unfold with an open BIBLE in your hands and have an inside advantage to the signs of our times.  We tremble at the news casts…but are not without hope.

    I sought the LORD last week about beheadings.  Why beheadings LORD? Why is this the choice way of execution for the extremists today…in the 21st century?  There are plenty of ways to “put someone to death”  in our modern age.   Numerous, available, quicker and easier options, especially for the masses. Why this age old, primitive practice?

    So i looked where i always look when i have questions for my GOD, right into HIS WORD, and here is what i found, penned by John in the book of the Revelation:
    Then I saw thrones, and the people sitting on them had been given the authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony about Jesus and for proclaiming the word of God.

    Evidently, GOD knew in these last of days, that the choicest way for extremist to murder Christians was beheading, not always… but often.  And i’m believing HE knew that i was gonna ask HIM that question. Also, i’m believing that HE prepared me an answer to let me know that HE knows exactly what’s going on.

    Earlier today i was casually reading through the Book of Colossians.  Not studying, just leisurely reading, when I “came across” these verses:
    The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For in HIM all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through HIM and for HIM. He is before all things, and in HIM all things hold together. And HE is the head of the body, the church.

    Interesting…CHRIST…is the head of the body.  And on those words my LORD quickened me with a Spiritual Wisdom…yep, HE drew back the curtain into the supernatural and showed me the demonic forces that have schemed and carefully strategized beheadings…enticing the extremists into these gross slayings… because in the spiritual realm that is the singular, most significant way to symbolize death to CHRIST and to HIS body, the church.  Cut off the head and the body dies.

    Satan is a master schemer…to be sure…but my GOD is the MASTER strategist.  CHRIST has ALREADY defeated the enemy at the CROSS.  Evil may appear to be  winning the battles in these last days…but JESUS CHRIST has ALREADY won the war!  Let us remember that each step of our way and may GOD help us to “love not our lives, unto death.”

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    babysitI have two grand babies that i adore.  The one who christened me Ga-Ge (Charlie)… i get to see every day! The one who has learned to call me Ga-Ge (baby Jude)… i only get to see on occasion.

    Now i’m a good Ga-Ge.  I love my grands.  I talk to them.  I walk with them.  I sing to them.  I read to them. I feed them.  And i babysit them.

    Once when my daughter Lissah and i were on baby Jude duty for the night, we stood at the front door saying good-bye to mama and daddy.  Mama and daddy were just finishing up their explanations of how, when, what, where and why of baby Jude sitting…i think i was picking a popcorn kernel out of my teeth. “So let me get this straight,” i spit the kernel outta my mouth, “You basically want me to keep your kid alive till you get back, right?”  They looked at each other for a moment and then back at the Ga-Ge.
    “Yeah, that’s basically it,” they said as they shut the door.

    Now baby Jude is a good little boy, he just needs to be kept busy, so he doesn’t think about the people he loves the most and that shut door.  So busy he was.  And when we ran out of busy we turned to food.
    “April said he loves grilled cheese,” piped up Lissah as we both stood staring into the open fridge door. “Make him a grilled cheese.”  So grilled cheese it was…quick, easy and cheap.

    The three of us settled on the living room floor, surrounded by toys, puzzles, books and baby bite size pieces of grilled cheese…when it happened…baby Jude began to choke on that gooey sandwich.  “Oh brother,” I said as i gently tapped his back and encouraged him to “Spit it out, like Ga-Ge does with popcorn kernels.”  While Lissah jumped up and down, holding her head and shouting, “Really mom! The ONE thing you told his parents is that he would be alive when they got back!”

    Well, baby Jude survived his night with Ga-Ge, no worse for the wear.  I actually considered it a step up from the previous time i had babysat him and i was feeling rather smug when his folks walked in.  “We had a great time tonight…had a slight mishap with grilled cheese…but i didn’t forget him once…all’s well that ends well.” I announced to his folks, as we adored their sleeping baby.

    “Well, now good for you, mom,” Baby Jude’s daddy, Heath, stepped in.  “He is alive. You kept your deal.  And not forgetting him this time…that’s a bonus.”
    “I aim to please,” I responded as my mind drifted back to last summer.

    Ah yes, last summer.  We were at a get-together around our country block.  Family and friends. My son Heath wondered if i could watch baby Jude for awhile at that party while he went to his sister’s house. “Sure,” I said.
    “No problem,” I said.
    “Love to,” I said.
    “Take your time,” I said.
    ” See ya latter,” I said.

    I watched for a while…I really did.  Then i remembered i needed to run home and turn my crock-pot down. Baby Jude didn’t really like me that day anyway…and was settled in a friends arms so i ran around the block to turn the switch on the pot…that’s when i saw the light on the answering machine.  Listening to the calls on the machine reminded me that i needed to check for the mail.  While walking to the mailbox i realized i had not done my exercise for the day….so i decided to take my walk.  During my walk i felt like i needed to spice it up so i added in calisthenics…and there i was in the middle of my country road doing calisthenics… when mama and daddy pulled up in their car.

    “Hi mom,”  Heath grinned.
    “Hey, Heath, April,” I nodded, arms flailing in the air.
    “Whutca doin’ ?”
    “Oh just some exercise.  I didn’t get my walk in this morning,” I huffed.  Side step. Kick.
    “Yeah, where’s the baby?”

    Oh my bah-jeebers…..the baby.  The baby Ga-Ge was supposed to be watching.  The baby that i left at a party in someones arms while i was turning, listening, sorting and sha-shaying…that baby!

    I snapped back to today…the grilled cheese and diapers day…and i watched as my boy… picked up his boy… giving him a quiet kiss on the cheek and snuggling his tiny body in his arms.

    As they walked through the front door my boy turned and wrapped his free arm around me, giving me a quiet kiss on my check.
    “Thanks for babysitting, mom,”  He whispered.
    “Anytime son, anytime.

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    work-truck-4469471 (1)It’s been a year now that i have been living with something i hate.  I talk to the LORD about it often.

    “LORD, i HATE (always emphasized)… those big, stupid, fast, white, work trucks that are always zipping by here day after day after day.  I hate them!  There are tons of them…back and forth…back and forth…they do not slow down for my children-at-play signs…they do not care how many stones they toss up…they are obnoxious, annoying and stinking dangerous.  They have completed ruined my quiet, little, farm trucks only road…the two houses i share with my children sit right next to the road LORD, right on the road…our homes were not built for city stinking traffic…they were built for dirt road life…I. HATE. THEM.”

    Yeah, pretty much that’s my conversation with the LORD…fairly regularly.
    Well, by conversation i mean me talking to HIM and not asking HIS advice…just making sure HE knows what?           I. HATE. THEM.

    Today, as i was taking a leisurely stroll down my country lane…munching on an apple…i started the conversation again. But in my defense…i started in only after 7  big, stupid, fast, white, work trucks flew by me.

    “I. HATE. THEM. LORD, ” I began.  But before i got any further my LORD interrupted me with a thought.
    “How about instead of cursing them…you pray for them?”…was the thought.

    I processed that idea only for a second before i responded.  “I didn’t technically curse them LORD.  I mean i don’t hate the people.  I hate the trucks…that ruin my quiet country road… driven by the people”

    In all my hating of broken country silence and in all my fear of danger from fast traffic on a small road…
    i had forgotten one tiny thing.  People were driving those big, stupid, fast, white, work trucks…people just like me…who had jobs, and families, and sickness, and bills to pay, and fears, and failures, and dreams. People that needed prayer.

    So while those big, stupid, fast, white, work trucks continued to whiz by me….i began to pray.
    i prayed for those hard working men, and their wives, girlfriends and kids.
    I prayed for their finances, their relationships, and their health.
    I prayed for their heartaches, and struggles and addictions.
    I prayed for those who confess CHRIST as SAVIOR to come into the deeper things of GOD and for those who are lost to see the light.

    And i pondered…and i marveled…that for a whole year…all i could see were big, stupid, fast, white, work trucks…while the whole time…my loving GOD was looking down into those trucks…at the faces, the hearts and the lives of the men driving those trucks…and desperately wanting to pour out HIS grace, HIS healing, HIS compassion, HIS answers, HIS provision, and HIS presence into each life.

    I don’t expect i’ll ever see the answers this side of eternity, but it’s pretty cool to know that GOD has got HIS eye on every one of those hard workers.  That HIS desire is for them…not against them.  And that HE has raised up this single-mama-country-chick to pray Heaven down into their lives…as they roar by my home…day after day.

    These guys have no idea that this country road is being paved with prayers for their lives!

    And these guys have no clue that my quiet road is their highway to Heaven.