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    I’ve come to a revelation recently. Yep, at the age of 53 after serving JESUS for 26 years I’ve figured something out.
    Worry doesn’t work. Ever.

    I guess I’ve always “known ” that in my head. I’ve studied worry. I’m familiar with fear. I teach about anxieties and frets.
    But laying in bed one night wondering where those 3 teens boys were that were very, very late…and having no way to get in touch with them to confirm their whereabouts…i worried. I worried they were lost. I worried they were abducted. I worried they were racing down the back roads and crashed their cars. I worried they were hurt. I worried they were cold. I worried they couldn’t get to a phone to call for help. I worried they ran out of gas or maybe robbed at a late night gasoline stop. And i worried how one of them were coping if they were viewing the mangled bodies of their brothers in a wreck? Yeah, i worried.

    Then i stopped. I stopped worrying and said to myself, “This ain’t working. Worry hasn’t brought those boys home. Worry hasn’t made the phone ring. Worry hasn’t cleared the roads of drunk drivers or running deer. Worry hasn’t kept the creepers away from my kids or made my boys drive the speed limit or kept my sons from slipping off the road. Worry doesn’t work.”

    It was at that moment that the HOLY SPIRIT in HIS faithfulness brought a Scripture to my mind that i had memorized many years before…i bet you know this familiar verse that instructs us NOT to worry about ANYTHING….but INSTEAD of worry to PRAY about EVERYTHING. Yeah, the famous pray-instead-of-worry thing.

    So i sat in the darkness, cross-legged on my bed, alone in the middle of the night, and i took the advice of the BIBLE and prayed. It went kinda like this, “Well, LORD, i have no idea where those boys are or what’s happening to them, but as for me, i must obey YOUR scriptural command. I’m pretty sure i don’t need to add my sin of worry to this already stressful night…so here i am…look at me now…I’m praying instead of worrying…and i like it!”

    I went on to pray specifics for my long lost boys and for their lives and their safety and their plans and their futures and their hopes and their dreams.

    Then i said, “Welp, LORD, there is not one thing i can do about this situation good or bad, so I’m going to bed now. Good night.”
    And i lay down and slept, reminiscent of another cool verse… In peace, I will both lie down and sleep, For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

    I woke up a bit later to the familiar sounds of 3 oblivious teenage boys raiding the fridge, dribbling basketballs, and blaring the TV. “They are home,” i smiled sleepily reaching for the earplugs that i keep beside my bed for times such as this. In a few hours, it would be morning and the house would be abuzz again. Then i would listen to the boys stories…and then i would hear their explanations…and then i would talk the talk. But for now i rolled over, sighed a contented sign and thought I’m glad i didn’t stay up worrying all night for nothin’!!! Cause… ah…worry doesn’t work.

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