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    In these troubled times when anxious is something I do quite well, I love to return to some key verses such as this one quoted from the book of Philippians:

    Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    Interesting Book that Bible.

    Be anxious for nothing appears to be a command, not a suggestion.
    It is a command that streams through both the Old Testament and the New.
    Be anxious for nothing restated would look something like this:
    Don’t be worried about nothin’.
    Don’t be scared of anything.
    Don’t fret over stuff.

    Well, how do I keep a command that I’m so good at breaking?

    God is so kind to His kids. When He tells us not to do something, He tells us what to do instead. So, when God says to be anxious for nothing, He follows it with a pray about everything.
    That’s a God plan revealed and strategy for us God girls.
    Pray instead of worry.
    But, how do I practically work that one out?
    I mean it’s 3 am, it’s dark, the headlines are scary, my faith is weak, my flesh is frozen in fear. How do I turn from anxious worry to thankful prayer?

    With my voice. I turn up the volume on my voice box, and I speak louder than the thoughts in my head, and I begin to pray.
    Now, I’m not stupid, and I’m not dumb I know the fear thoughts haven’t gone anywhere.
    It’s just that now I am talking to my God about them instead of counseling with myself.
    I’ve replaced pouring out my anxieties to the enemy with communication with God.
    As I continue, I speak real-life to my God about my stressors.
    I am very pointed about my concerns.
    I tell God everything that’s piled on me.
    I am very specific about my requests.
    As I talk to the Creator of this world, I remember to mix in thanksgiving.
    While I pray, I throw in some gratitude.
    I spend a long time mixing this recipe because I know this is a formula for a move of God.

    When it has been mixed long enough, those prayers and thanksgivings of mine, God does a super cool thing. He does an extraordinary thing. A thing that doesn’t make sense to my brain cells and passes the understanding of my troubled, worried mind.
    He gives me peace.
    Homemade-chocolate-chip-cookies-fresh-out-of- the-oven peace.
    They took me awhile to make from scratch.
    It was time and energy and effort to mix those babies up.
    It cost me something.
    But boy, oh boy, did they come out good.
    I guess that’s what happens when I use Gods tried and true recipe instead of my own prepackaged mix.
    Peace happens.





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  • Spot-on (again!!) Thanks for being articulate and putting words to how the worry process evolves and grows on~~and needs to change!! Some of us are so used to the worry state of mind we need to be “arrested” and move into the process–unto–trust that He’s created us live in: thx for being a catalyst mover-shaker-girl in the midst of all our hot messes!! love your posts!!!

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