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    King David Ruler of Israel

    The Bible’s pages are filled with stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The Bible is also loaded with tales of everyday people living mundane daily life, in real homes, with real families, and real problems.   Sometimes I forget that.  I forget these Bible characters were living, breathing, laughing, crying, scared, and confused persons… just like me.

    Since I know Heaven is a perfect place where no guilt or shame or regret or embarrassment can live, I try not to cringe when I wonder if these people had any idea that their life’s journey was going to be recorded in the best-selling Book of all time for folks from every generation to read and re-read and read again.

    Since what is written in the Word would not be considered “gossip” let’s look at the highlights of just one Bible characters life so you can maybe feel what I’ve been feeling.  Then we can cringe together.  So let’s peek at the life of David.
    Yep, King David, the man after God’s own heart. He would be a fun storyline.

    Now David lived quite a life. Some of David’s life’s drama he brought on himself by his sinful choices…agreed. But a lot of Davids life’s stuff was just handed to him like this is the path, and you’ve got to walk it out stuff.

        1. David was a young boy when he was chosen by GOD and anointed by Samuel to be the future King of Israel.  That’s not so bad.
        2. After his anointing, David spent years in hiding, running away from jealous King Saul. That kind of stinks because Davids best buddy and one of his wives are kids of King Saul, so that makes for some interesting family dimensions right there.
        3. After many years, King Saul dies, and David takes the crown. I wonder if David imagined his life would “settle down” a bit since his biggest enemy King Saul is now gone.
        4. After David becomes King, David has to deal with lots of Kingly stuff like;
          wars, famines, uprisings, and plagues.
        5. David also has to deal with lots of personal Kingly stuff like;
          adultery, murder, and direct disobedience.
        6. David’s first born son dies as a direct result of Davids sin.
        7. One of Davids wife hates him so much she stops all physical relations with him. So David gets no children from her.
        8. But David has sons and daughters from his other wives, and I’d bet he was hoping for a Godly heritage. I’d bet.
          Yet, many of those kids are disobedient.
          Some are liars. Some are thieves.
          There are a rapist and a murderer.
          David has plenty of backstabbers in his family heritage.
          Some of his children attempt to usurp his authority as King, to gain the crown. One of his sons spends years plotting revenge on his dad and tries repeatedly to kill David. 

    Now that’s a dysfunctional family with a capital dsy. See what I mean? Are you feeling it yet? Wowzer, talk about bold print headlines. David, however, is now long gone and happy in Heaven.  And we are left with the lingering stories of his successes and his failures to feast our eyes upon and to pass on to our children.
    Tales of one man’s life. A man that lived and breathed real air. A fella that tried and learned. Laughed and cried, succeeded and blew it big time… and still made it into the Faith Chapter Hall of Fame!

    I don’t know what your family dimensions looks like today. I’m not privy to your personal stories of triumphs and tragedy.  I have no idea how much drama your living through, or how much heartache you’re dealing with.  But judging by Davids story, no matter how crazy-over-the-top and out-of-control your life may seem…you have the very real potential to end your story well.

    So, sisters, I’m heading for the Faith chapter.  And I’m inviting you to join me. I’m limping towards that finish line, with my eye on the Cross. In the midst of “who-would-have-ever-thunk” dysfunctional family stuff,  I take courage from the saints who have gone before me. They did it. They lived it. They suffered it. They endured it. They ended well.  And now they form a circle round about us, cheering us on right through our everyday dysfunctional family affairs. That great cloud of witnesses whose voices ring off the pages directly into our tired ears “Keep going, you got this. We are saving you a place, at the table.”

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