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    Yes, I wrote the word demons and I wrote the word thorn in the same sentence, just like the Apostle Paul did.
    Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. 2 Corinthians 12:7

    During my vast and varied experiences in this life
    there are only two times that I have had to live with the
    unending, not going away, God hasn’t changed it proverbial “Thorn in the Flesh.”
    I have walked through many a brier patch,
    and stumbled among thickets full of prickers and thistles.
    But “Thorn living” is different than the everyday scrapes and tears.
    And “Thorn living” is never given by itself.
    It always comes with a demonic being or two
    that smell the pain and suffering your thorn has produced.
    And these ungodly angels hang around looking for the opening in your wound waiting for an opportune moment to move in for the kill.
    They will gladly sprinkle the dirt of unbelief,
    the grime of self-pity and the filth of bitterness
    into that splice in your flesh.

    The revelation of this truth coupled with my tiny bit of Scriptural understanding
    has helped me to fight off the numerous attacks of the enemy that echo the words of Jobs wife into my tired ears…
    “Really, your still hanging on to your faith in Christ?
    Why don’t you just curse God and die?”

    Thorn living ain’t easy.
    Thorn living ain’t pleasant.
    Thorn living ain’t something I would naturally choose.

    Living with a thorn in your flesh…
    that you know your Heavenly Father  could take away at any moment…
    is one of the hardest things a child of God may be asked to do.

    If you like me are going through a thorn living time then open up the Word and read 2 Corinthians 12:1-10.
    God tells us in advance so we can be prepared when it happens.
    It’s all right there in the Bible.
    Use the gift of His Word to encourage yourself when your thorn is bleeding again and you are starting to get a fever cause infection wants to set in.
    Remind yourself that this gift of thorn living comes with demonic attacks.
    The enemy wants to take you down
    cause he knows the Word too.
    He is keenly aware what thorn living produces
    in the child of God who submits to it.
    The last thing God’s foe wants is
    God to be glorified and made known.
    And he is ever mindful of the truth that…
    when we are weak in our thorn living God shows up strong.

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