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    Well, I done did it now.
    I have officially received my fourth head injury in 18 months.
    That puts me 2 over the “line of no return.”
    And I ain’t even adding the 3 concussions
    prior to my countdown or the several concussions in between.

    Up until my recent car accident
    I have been hanging around waiting for the neurons in my brain
    to forge new pathways and stand me up again.
    I was resting at the stalled part of my broken brain journey
    in the traffic jam of my life
    looking forward to shifting her into drive
    and pressing my foot on the accelerator so I could
    get back on the road of the living.

    But now I sit silently at the wheel of a car that has run out of gas
    because it has sat a long time idling.
    I cross my arms and sink back into the driver’s seat.
    I rest my tired, aching head on the cushion and
    take a big-deep-here-I-am-again breath.
    And I ask myself this question,
    “How do I find the place of accepting my reality
    without giving up hope?”

    I reach over and pull up my Bible
    that I had laid neatly on the passenger’s seat.
    I open it, not even knowing where to begin.
    I believe that God will be faithful to me whenever I search
    His Word for answers.
    Sometimes the digging is deep and is a lengthy process.
    Other times it’s like finding a shiny new coin…
    it’s right there for the taking.

    Today I found a coin in Exodus 33.

    “Behold, there is a place by Me, and you shall stand there on the rock…I will put you in the cleft of the rock and cover you with My hand.”

    There it is. The place I’ve been pining for.
    The place where I am able to accept my reality
    but can still hope.
    It is the place next to God that He has reserved for me.
    A place on the rock where I can stand.
    Stand… not lay down and die. Stand.
    And when the days get tough, and life seems unbearably long
    He will be sure that I am hidden in the cleft of that rock.
    My God will personally cover the opening with His hand
    so I can withstand the moments that have been portioned to me.
    And in that hidden place, I am assured to see His glory.

    How about you?
    Do you need a place to stand these days where
    your reality can be looked at square in the face and dealt with
    while still maintaining a vibrant hope?
    Well, there is lots of room on this solid rock on which I stand.
    Here, take hold of my hand…and I will help you up.


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