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    Welp, here I am 19 months out from the crash and burn that
    injured my head and changed my life.
    Nineteen months and four head concussions later actually.
    19 months.

    Now, I love my Christian brothers and sisters.
    We are all doing our best to make our way in this upside down world
    while still honoring Jesus in all our stuff.
    We are each at different places in our journeys.
    We have all lived through varying experiences.
    We all gots a story to tell. Some have two.
    So it is not a surprise to me at all
    that I would be met with such an accumulation of viewpoints
    on why I am not healed,
    how I should get healed
    and what God has to say on the matter.
    I usually find there is a thread or more of truth
    wrapped up in each skein of opinion.

    Now, I have good God-loving friends that believe
    a child of God should never, ever have to be sick.
    That it is God’s will to heal every single time.
    These friends put God in the “God always heals box.”

    I have other pals that think healing is not for today,
    that this is old school teaching.
    That the miracles of healing died out with the first church.
    They have put God in the “Healing isn’t for today box.”

    And I have seen too many Jesus people hurt by
    some well-meaning church folks
    that have boxed up God and handed Him to the suffering saint.
    Those who don’t receive their healing hang their head in shame
    at their apparent lack of faith
    while those who are ill and could use a bonified miracle
    don’t even bother seeking the Lord
    and simply pray “Thy will be done”
    never asking what that will may be.

    Aaahhhh, 19 months of broken brain
    gives a girl some time to “hear it all” and then some.

    During my many years of loving Jesus, I have read His Word,
    walked His Word and taken a few life courses.
    All of these courses I’ve taken more than once.
    A couple I have failed and had to repeat.
    But nevertheless the courses I did take…
    and I will continue to take… and learn from.
    I realize in this life I must take the course to stay the course
    or I will end up falling off a cliff somewhere
    and most likely die in a dried up ravine.
    And that sounds worse to me than sifting through
    the challenges and opinions of others.

    The first course I took began about 28 years ago.
    It was called Christianity 101… God Heals.
    To me, that is a fundamental of my faith.
    There ain’t no way on earth I can be believing my God
    for a new resurrected body
    and not believe that He can heal me today.
    So basic…so 101…so no-brainer.
    Guest speakers on this “God Heals” subject include;
    a leper, blind Bartimaeus, Lazereth, a guy who was crippled from birth, some crazy possessed by a legion of demons and Peter’s mother-in-law.
    They were all quite convincing.

    The second course I have been enrolled in for many years.
    It Christianity 102.
    It is called God’s Grace is Sufficient.
    This is the course that teaches you about suffering
    and broken dreams and thorn living.
    It’s a rough one. I’ve failed it a couple times.
    But I keep opening the Book and reviewing the syllabus
    determined to pass this course with honors.
    The teachers here are honest and raw.
    They have scars.
    But they speak with the greatest of power.
    People like Trophimus who was left behind sick
    while Paul went to minister.
    Timothy who was instructed to drink wine for his frequent stomach ailments.
    A bunch of people who registered without names
    to talk about what it was like to lay by the pool of  Bethesda
    and watch Jesus walk by them to heal another.
    And then there was Paul, the guy with the thorn, who begged God three times to take his suffering away and each time God said, “No.”

    The newest course that I have enrolled in is Christianity 103
    The title? The I Don’t Know Nothing Course.
    Yep, that’s where the student has sat in enough classes
    and accumulated enough life lesson time
    that now she sits at the feet of the Master and says,
    “I have no idea what’s going on. Good thing You do.”
    Great people of the Faith have sat there.
    You can read about them all through the Bible.
    A summary of them is supplied for us in Hebrews chapter 11.
    Snuggled beside each other in this “faith chapter” are two paragraphs; one declaring the victories, the healings, the deliverances of God’s people and the very next one announcing the defeat, the trials, the torture of His Kids.
    And God labels them all faithful, whether they lived their lives in the first paragraph or the second.  Whether they got their healing or not.

    Here’s a poem I am required to memorize
    for this Christianity 103, I Don’t Know Nothing Course…
    I’ll share it with you as a preview
    in case you decide to sign up for this class one day.
    Lord, my eyes are not proud
    Nor my heart lofty
    Nor do I involve myself in great matters
    Or in things too difficult for me
    Surely I have composed and quieted my souls
    As a weaned child leans against his mother
    So my souls is as a weaned child within me
    Hope in the Lord, Kim Barnes Waterman
    From this time forth and forever more.
    Psalms 131

    Welp, wherever you are in your journey remember
    to be a continual student of the Word.
    Don’t shun the work study.
    Show up for the on hands training seminars and labs.
    Eat lunch with the other students.
    Stay after class for extra help.
    Find a tutor if necessary and
    Take The Course to Stay the Course.

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