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    One of the biggest blessings for me since I broke my brain 19 months ago began when I “stumbled” upon an online FB support group for head injured folks just like me. Wow. To be able to read my life in print from so many others that were struggling through very similar things gave me hope and encouragement.
    It let me know I was not alone.
    It gave me some connection in this isolated place.
    It reassured me I ain’t crazy and this stuff is real.
    It opened dialogue to new treatments and therapies.
    It allowed me to weep with others who just couldn’t take one more day and to be comforted by others when I hit rock bottom and couldn’t get up.
    The Bible says there is fellowship in suffering.
    We relate to people who have like stories and who have traveled identical paths.
    We nod reassuringly when we read comments written by flesh-n-blood humans that echo our own thoughts and experiences.
    We breathe a sigh of relief when someone opens up in honesty about their latest struggle and their hardest night because somewhere in there we find ourselves.

    I would encourage anyone who is walking through a difficult time to lift your head up and find a support system.  Seek out a group of people who can understand the challenges you are facing and will surround you with good clean compassion.
    Pick and chose wisely. You don’t need more toxic people in your life if you are at a painful point…yet you don’t want to exclude those who are willing to speak some hard truth even if it hurts a bit.
    Know that everyone in your support group won’t be the friend for you.
    The support group I am in is full of folks from all walks of life with differing points of view, but we have one thing in common…we all have broken brains.
    I gravitate towards some more than others and vice versa.
    This can be done without tearing one another down.
    In support groups, you learn how to pick up the stuff that is most valuable to you and lay down the stuff that isn’t your cup-of-tea.
    You learn to scroll past while shrugging your shoulders.
    And you learn to look with eyes of compassion at another one of God’s creation whose life choices look nothing like yours but their situation does.

    Google is wonderful. Use it.
    Call local churches.
    Phone books are still valid, right?
    Search FB using titles of the pain in your life and see what pops up.
    There are groups for widows, mom’s who have lost children, single parents, addiction recovery, suicide and depression,  mom’s with young kids, empty nesters, women in ministry, homeschoolers, diabetics, migraine suffers, athletes and on and on it goes.
    If you are feeling alone in your struggle, you don’t have to anymore.
    Though no one can walk in your exact shoes, there are plenty of folks jogging the same path next to you. But you gotta lift up your head and glance to the side to see them.


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