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    Really? I had been asleep. Like asleep asleep when I felt a shaking on my shoulder and was startled awake. “Huh?” I asked sleepily. That is when Worry whispered in my ear, careful to not awaken anyone else in the house, “Hey, we need to finish our talk. I’ve got more to say.”

    “What in the world!” I responded. “We finished this conversation before I went to sleep, remember?”  Evidently, Mr. Worry did not remember and here he was presenting himself beside my bed at 1 AM telling me we had unfinished business.

    Worry does not give up easily. He is persistent.
    He makes a pest of himself.
    He barges and shoves his way back into my space every chance he gets.
    And worry always, always, always wants the last word. Always.

    Welp, last night, as usual, I was weak and I was tired. But Worry doesn’t care about that. He never waits for a good-healthy-level-headed-for-me-time to initiate our discussions. When Worry wants to talk he wants to talk now and his voice is loud enough to overtake my other conversations and leads me to turn to his. And his voice in strong enough that even in a whisper he can arouse me from a deep sleep. He is pretty dang demanding of me, my time and my energy.
    He really bugs me.

    Okay, since sleep is a must I gotta figure this one out. If Worry wants to dance his way through my front door in broad daylight that is one thing but sneaking around in my room when I am sound asleep is another. Worry reminds me of an ugly old thief that wants to rob from me and he knows his plans work best under the cover of darkness.

    So tonight I am gonna attempt a new approach. I will be sure to draw the shades and lock the doors. I will even leave a little night light on. And if Worry gets past that I already know what I am gonna say. When he begins to shake me awake and whispers in my ear, I’ve got a plan. I figure I will wake up just long enough to firmly state in my big girl voice,
    …………………”IT IS FINISHED.”……………………….

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