• May 19, 2017 /  Uncategorized

    Recently, I have been praying for God to be my balance,
    to bring me balance, to balance-me-out.
    At 55 years old I am resigning myself to the facts that
    I am not very good at finding the perfect tensions in my life.
    You know that string between personal, private and public that we are all searching for? That how much, when, where, how often stuff that we mull around in our minds when we got nothing better to do but figure out our big life stuff. That stuff.

    So here I sit and here I pray, “God be my balance!”
    I take the familiar Words, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will be added unto you.”
    And I say, “God, I want THAT balance!
    I absolutely crave that I-seek-You-and-You-balance-me-out lifestyle.

    Then I ask for boundaries.
    God-given-Holy-Spirit established boundaries.
    Because I ain’t too good at figuring that one out either.
    “Lord,” I say, “Your Word tells me that the boundaries have fallen for me in pleasant places.
    Well, I am either kicking them in, walking over them,
    or keeping to safe spaces way away from Your perimeters for me.
    I can’t figure this out, Lord!
    Jesus, be my balance and be my boundaries!”

    How about you?
    Looking for balance?
    Seeking for boundaries?

    Join me in this prayer from Psalm 16:5-6
    Father, according to Your own Words You have assigned me my portion and my cup (that’s balance!) and You have created boundaries for me that fall in pleasant places (there’s boundaries!) I am feasting at Your table today Lord! I am enjoying your balance for me today Lord!  I am hanging by  Your boundary lines! Life is never so good as when I allow you to portion my days for me, Lord. Thank You for being waaaaaaay smarter than me. Thank You that You fill my days with balance and boundaries. In Jesus name. Amen.