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    The midnight prayer watch! A great time to be praying!

    I discovered this watch when I learned that many devout
    witches pray at this time.
    I was like why?
    Why not just pray after dinner and still get a good nights sleep?

    So…I began to investigate the midnight prayer watch and found
    it is a very strategic and opportune time
    to lift our voices before our mighty God!
    Thanks for this discovery, witches!

    Luke 12:35-40
    Be ready and dressed. Have your lights burning.  Be like men who are waiting for their owner to come home from a wedding supper. When he comes and knocks on the door, they will open it for him at once.  Those servants are happy when their owner finds them watching when he comes.

    For sure, I tell you, he will be dressed and ready to care for them. He will have them seated at the table. The owner might come late at night or early in the morning. Those servants are happy if their owner finds them watching whenever he comes. But understand this, that if the owner of a house had known when the robber was coming, he would have been watching. He would not have allowed his house to be broken into. 

    You must be ready also. The Son of Man is coming at a time when you do not think He will come.”


    The third-night watch is one of the most important watches.
    It is the hours of much spiritual warfare and heightened satanic activity.
    While God’s people are asleep the enemy plans to sneak in and
    “Sow tares amongst our wheat.” Matthew 13:25
    It’s a good time for him to do this at night while few Christians are up watching and praying.
    The Father doesn’t expect us to never sleep at midnight
    and always be up praying but He does expect us to mature and be wary of the enemies vices and strategies.


    It is a great time to pray against all sexual immorality such as fornication, adultery, prostitution, orgies, occult sexual activities, homosexuality, sexual abuse and rape.
    Judges 19:22-26

    It is also strategic to awake and come against every storm that is brewing in your life.
    Matthew 8:23-27Pray for every need and provision to be met.
    Luke 11:5-9Ask God to release His dreams and visions to His people.
    Genesis 28: 10-19It is a good time to pray release from demonic strongholds and prisons.
    Acts 16:25-34
    Isaiah 42:22
    Judges 16:3

    Pray for divine protection.
    Psalm 95:1
    Isaiah 17:14
    Exodus 12:12-13

    Take a stab at praying the third watch, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.
    Ask God for prayer strategies during these hours
    then stand back and watch to see what great things
    He does!



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