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    Oh, the first prayer watch!
    After the supper hour and before bed!
    We can do this!

    Psalm 119:148
    My eyes wait for the night hours, so I may think about Your Word.

    I have heard it taught that this is the prayer watch
    where we learn to “possess the gates.”
    Since this is the first watch or our “entrance way”
    into our 24 hour prayer time, it makes sense to me to do that.
    These hours are the gateway (or the beginning) of our new day.
    And we wanna stake a claim to it,
    not allow the enemy to possess it.
    First is significant.
    A new beginning.
    A new start.
    A reset.
    A realignment.
    We begin again every 24-hour cycle.
    Let us begin well.
    HOW TO
    How do we possess the gates during this time?
    Well, for starters we can pray God’s Word.
    We can speak and declare blessings into the atmosphere.
    God watches over His Word to perform it.
    His Word outta our mouths will penetrate the spirit realm
    destroying curses and releasing the anointing of God.
    We are talking about possessing our gates and Jesus told Peter
    something cool about that. Matthew 16:8
    The gates of hell will not be able to prevail
    or triumph over the Church.
    In the name of Jesus, we have the power over the gates of hell
    to release our family, our churches, our cities and our nation
    from every attack of evil.
    Let us possess our gates during the first watch!


    *our personal stuff
    *our families
    *our churches
    *our communities, counties
    *our nation
    *Psalm 59

    May our prayers shift the atmosphere and give us
    the upper hand during this prayer watch
    by the Blood of the Lamb.

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