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    June 2020

    During a recent prayer time for my nation the Lord gave me a great revelation.
    It was interesting.
    It was clear.
    It was pointed.
    It was instructional.
    And it has been confirmed many times over.

    I saw a great wedding in progress. The church was packed out with those gathering to watch and those in the wedding party.
    It was a beautiful wedding procession actually. The people were pretty. The decor was nice.
    The garments were stylish and cute.
    The vibe in the air was of joyous anticipation as everyone waited for the marriage ceremony to begin.

    I saw the groomsmen, the best man, the flower girls, and ring barer.
    I watched as the bridesmaids and the maid of honor glided smiling down the aisle.
    I gathered from the way that he was “robed out” that it was some sort of  priest who was officiating.

    As I looked around the packed pews I saw the gatherers neatly seated on the brides side
    and on the grooms.
    It was impressed upon me that they chose their preference when they first arrived.

    There were so many people at this wedding…people from all over. I knew that sitting in these pews were “Jews and Gentiles” folks that followed Jesus as well as many who did not. Some of the Christ lovers seemed uncomfortable while they waited for the ceremony to begin. They fidgeted nervously as if they were not sure what to do.

    I never saw the bride. I never saw the groom.
    I only lingered at this church wedding, waiting with the others.

    Then the scene fast forward to the priest who stood upon the church stage with Bible in hand.
    I assumed the bride had descended the aisle and the groom had stepped forward. I knew by the Spirit  that they had taken their places on either side of the priest, ready to be united in holy matrimony, though I saw none of this motion. Never did I catch a full glimpse of the two to be wed; the Lord kept them hidden from me.

    The priest then said aloud to the guests who had assembled the first and only words I heard during this vision…”If any object to this union speak now or forever hold your peace.”


    Here is what I believe the Lord was showing me….

    This church ceremony was signifying the marriage between the Man of Lawlessness and the One World Government.
    The Man of Lawlessness was the one to descend down the aisle as a beautiful bride would on her wedding day.
    The One World Government was waiting for him at the front of the church.
    Both had a huge support system.
    Those who picked “friend of the groom” when they arrived loved the idea of One World Government.
    Those who choose “side of the bride” when they walked in were supportive of this one.

    At first I thought it strange that it was such a pretty wedding. All around pretty.
    But I guess that is the deception.
    How many folks would turn out to support snarling, stinking, fighting, dirty, dark and knowingly evil?
    If their clothing was ripped and tattered. Their hair in a rumble. Their demeanor nasty and devilish I assume it would have been harder to support and partake.

    This vision focused on 2 things…the wedding party and those in the pews.

    The wedding party…This was a huge wedding with many on both the bride and grooms side showing up to support.
    The wedding party was standing with this union and they had come to usher it in.
    All in the wedding party were the forerunners to the big culmination.
    They were paving the way and vibing their excitement to the crowd.
    1 John 2:18 Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.
    Many today walk in opposition to Jesus Christ. They carry the Antichrist spirit.
    Before the Man of Lawlessness arrives there will be many men of lawlessness paving the way.

    The guests…a very large group and most were super excited and happy to be there with several Christians strewn throughout the pews. Some of the Christians were noticeably uncomfortable. When the priest said, “If anyone objects to this union speak now or forever hold your peace” I could tell that some of the Christians wanted to say something but they remained uncomfortably silent.

    I felt that the silent Christian held back for these reasons…
    1. afraid of persecution.
    2. didn’t want to be the one to stir up trouble.
    3. afraid they would be the only one to speak up.
    4. thought someone else would do it so they wouldn’t have to.
    5. BUT MOSTLY they remained silent because they felt that their one little voice would not make much of a difference anyways.
    They believed that the wedding was destined to happen whether they spoke their opinion or not…so why bother.

    The common wedding phrase, the only words I heard, “If anyone objects to this union speak now or forever hold your peace” had one very decisive meaning which is not to be misinterpreted.
    Speak now directly relates to the Christ lover standing up in PRAYER and CRYING OUT TO GOD.
    The Father’s instruction in this revelation is to pray without ceasing, see the evil and call out to Him, stand against the demonic while beseeching the Lord, rule and reign with the scepter of prayer.
    God wants us to pray to Him NOW. This is a strategic moment.

    Remember the time that the Israelites failed to obey God in their now moment?
    The Lord had told them to go up and fight the battle yet at that time in their unbelief they refused. Their now moment passed them by before they decided that they had better do what God had instructed. So…they got up and tried but it was too late. They hadn’t acted at the appointed time and because they missed it they were sorely defeated by their enemy. (Numbers 14:40-50)
    The Old Testament is there for our instruction and warning. (1 Corinthians 10:11) Pay attention to this account.

    Recall the golden bowl in heaven being filled up with the prayers of the saints? (Revelations 5:8)
    And at the proper time when the brim is reached those prayers are mixed with the fire of heaven and thrown back down to the earth. (Revelation 8:3-5)
    Though many feel as if their prayers will not have any impact my God says differently…
    Every cry is heard (Psalm 34:17)
    Every prayer uttered is received. (Psalm 40:1)
    Every prayer is counted and counted upon for such a time as this. (Esther 4:14)

    No one knows the exact timeline of the Lord. (Matthew 24:36)
    But we see the signs. (Luke 12:56)
    We understand that the man of lawlessness will be revealed. (2 Thessalonians 2:3)
    The marriage of the Man of Lawlessness with the One World Government will occur whether tomorrow or 50 years from now.
    Either way while we each have breath in us we have the responsibility to heed this call and speak now (in prayer) or forever hold our peace.

    Praying now whether it seems to make a difference or not will allow each of us to lay our heads down at night and sleep knowing that we did everything in our power, through obedience, to seek the Lord during these trying times.
    We will never live to regret praying more. (Philippians 4:6)
    And our prayers will outlive us if the Lord should tarry. (John 17:20-21)

    Hear this…this is not a call to physical action….it is a call to learn to pray.
    And in that praying place the Lord will reveal what, if anything else, He would have you to do.
    Then, and only then, go and do what He tells you.

    The choice is ours….We get to choose this day whom we will serve…
    Prayer or Silence.

    “If you object to this union speak now or forever hold your peace.”

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